Thursday, February 27, 2014

reading induced restlessness

I blame my love of reading for a lot of different things.
that is abby's photgraphy, thankyouverymuch. 
Mostly, I blame it for restlessness. I don't mean discontentment. You can be restless while being content. It's kind of an oxy moron, but it exists, at least in my life. The dictionary describes restlessness as "craving constant movement; desiring action". This restlessness is why I meander- through stores, through downtown, on road trips, on hikes. It's probably why I can't settle on radio stations in the car, or is that ADD/ADHD/OCD? Who knows. 

I believe the Lord plants in our souls a snippet of restlessness so that we'll always want to be pursuing Him. If we had no desire to move from our current spot in life, He couldn't mold us or use us. We would be content remaining stagnant in our relationship with Him. We would be content in remaining stagnant in our relationships with others, never doing life or speaking life to them. We would be misssing out on the adventure of life that He has called us to. 
I am all for growth. My goal is to never be stagnant, but always growing. I believe the Lord always wants to be teaching us, always leading us, always showing us, always using us. He, too, is all for growth. 
Go be restless today, whydon'tya. See what the Lord teaches you, where He leads you, what He shows you, how He uses you. 
xx, bethany

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