Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sharing My Library- Vol 12: Jericho

Happy weekday, friends. My weekend had me all over the place, as baby Burnside #4 arrived, I had rehearsal for our night of worship, and a long bakery shift. A full weekend, for which I was thankful for. AND, I am up to my ears in dream chasing. 

Here's some inspiration I've come across this week...
Lots of Ways to be a Momma by Jenny Simmons 

Love Hurts Like Hell by Allison Vesterdfelt 

My dear friend Abby and I spent time together Sunday, meandering through our town and lunching and chatting. 

I have Nickelback's Trying Not To Love You on repeat today. I don't normally enjoy their music, but that song is hitting home right now. 

I mentioned above that my church had a night of worship Sunday night. Friends, I am in love with how Jesus shows up. Whether you're expecting Him to or He shows up unexpectedly, He ALWAYS shows up. The story of Joshua includes him leading the Israelites, who stepped out in faith with him, to surround a city and watch it fall in God's time. My worship leader friend/the lucy to my ethel, Tonya, named our night of worship 'Jericho' for this very reason. That event was prayed over and blessed. Like the Israelites showed up daily to surround Jericho, we showed up expecting God to move. When you expect Him to, He will. And boy, did He ever. 

that is my photography skills, thankyouverymuch. 
There is something so amazing about worshiping with a body of believers. To look into a crowd and see that many hands raised to praise Jesus. To hear voice lifting in song, claiming those words and promises and believing in the mightyness of Jesus. 

Too often we put God in a box, I believe. We want Him to move our way, on our time, like so >insert whatever scenario you want<. That is not the way He works. He is a creative God, who likes to think outside the box we place Him in. OUTSIDE the box, guys. He works differently than we do. He wants to blow us away and inspire our faith in Him to be restored. 

So instead of expecting Him to move in a certain way, just expect Him to MOVE. Let Him surprise you. Let Him bless you, beyond what you could've imagined. 
happy week, friends. xx, bethany

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