Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sharing My Library- Vol 11- Late to everything that doesn't involve food.

Oy. Yall should know by know that I'm always late to everything. You know The Sound of Music, when the nuns are singing about Maria?

"She's always late to chapel, but her penitence is real. 
She's always late for everything, except for every meal!"

They were talking about me. It's not intentional. That being said, it's better to be late than never arrive!

We've had SUCH lovely weather the last couple days. After a rough winter, it's been SO nice to see the sun and feel its warmth!!! I threw open my door and windows while I was cleaning to air the place out. And in my book, cleaning always requires music. 

I've been listening to a LOT of Jesus Culture- Rooftops, Holding Nothing Back, Break Every Chain- and Bethel Music- my jam is Chasing You. Some of the lyrics to Chasing You are drawn out and taped onto my mirror. I've always thought that bathroom mirrors are a great place to tape up prayer requests, verses, and such. If it's in my line of sight, it's more likely to make an impression on my brain. It also gives me something to do while getting ready in the mornings- praying instead of staring mindlessly into space. 

Squeezing in that time adds to my quiet time. I found this great list of tips on one of my favorite ministry's blog- Quiet Time Tips. This has really made me dig deeper into my Bible. I actually have it printed out to refer to. 

Speaking of Jesus time, I decided to make my 6th grade girls Valentine's Day treats. One of my sweet girls, Callie, was sweet enough to help me. I took a mason jar and lined it with pink and red paper. Then we filled those with candy and a card, screwed the lid on, and taped a nail polish on top. Voila! Instant success. They were cheap and cute, and the girls loved them. That's a win!

Yall should have seen me leave the library last week... I had a stack of books a mile high. Cake recipe books, Multiple Sclereosis-related books, and fun reading. Twas a bit ridiculous; actually, it's never ridiculous to have too many books.

My absolute favorite cake recipe book was Vintage Cakes. Oh my gosh yall. I literally bookmarked every page. I'll have to buy it. It has gorgeous pictures and delicious recipes.

Besides reading in my downtime lately, I've been rewatching Downton Abbey. Swoon. A friend and I watch the current season together every Sunday night after middle school group. Between DA and Hallmark's When Calls The Heart (review coming), my grandma heart has enjoyed escaping to 1915. 

And here's a baby announcement my darling coworker Haley and I did at the bakery this week! 

check back soon! blessings, bethany

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