Saturday, February 15, 2014

Can't Stop This Thing We Started.

Fighting. For what? For why? Do we enjoy getting dizzy? For that's all we get as we go 'round in circles. 

This started off nothing really, nothing at all. 

Seemingly uncaring words evoked sadness and a smidge of anger in me when alas, I, too, am guilty of evoking the same, for we both throw out words carelessly, just spealing from a place of hurt. Cannot we just speak in love and respect? Cannot we pause to truly think through our words before letting them out like air from a popped balloon? 

We so often let words sting others, forgetting how badly we feel when their words sting us. 

Can nothing I say end this crazy chaos? Can nothing I do bring us to the end? 

We can't resist the devil in us, the devil that caused this ruckus. 

"Can't Stop This Thing We Started"- by Bethany Vaughan

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