Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Introducing February Favorites!

Hi friends!!
This is the second series I've done, first SML, and now this- February Favorites. It'll be a month long series, with each post highlighting some of my favorite things! I got inspired by a list of favorites I saw on Pinterest. 

We will cover the following:
~Pinterest Crafts
~Ways to serve
~Cities I've fallen in love with, whether through a vacation or mission trip
~Verses, Bible Studies, & Podcasts
~Daily Pick-Me-Ups

I had a laundry list of favorites, but I'd rather that not be all yall see on my blog. And personally, I didn't want to be posting every day!! These 5 were my go-to choices. I wanted to give you the familiiar- verses, bible studies, & podcasts, the unseen- cities I love, the heart- ways to serve, and two fun- pinterest crafts and daily pick-me-ups. 

I hope yall enjoy this!!

Today's February Favorites is Pinterest Crafts. 

1. Cardboard Playhouses, via abeautifulmessblog
for the How To, click here.  

2. Menu Board, via thecreativemama
For the How To, click here 

3. Scrapbook Paper Coasters
For the How To, click here 

4. Framed Board Games
Remove glass front from frame and place board game inside frame. Tape a baggie to the back to hold any required pieces/cards. Voila!

5. Fabric Map, via seekatesew
For the How To, click here 

6. Antique Recipes, via tatteredstyle
For the How To, click here 

7. Wristlet Key Fob, via prudentbaby
For the How To, click here

And two to do with kiddos! 
8. Fruit Stamps 
need: fruit (oranges, lemons, grapefruit), paint, canvas 

9. Popsicle Picture Frames  
need: popsicle sticks, hot glue, washi tape 

xx, bethany

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