Saturday, March 16, 2013

relationships yo'.

'Sup y'all. Occasionally I speak in gangsta. Ask anybody.
Singleness has been on my heart a lot lately. Maybe because I'm single? Because of my life's circumstances, I tend to be more mature for my age, so I've always had friends who are older than me. Currently I'm in this season of life where the majority of my friends are: 
A) newlyweds
B) pregnant
C) engaged
or D) in a serious relationship.
And I'm just like, "Hey, what's up, I attend weddings alone; no please don't set me up; I don't think he's cute; we're not dating we're just friends; I'm used to being the third wheel- it really doesn't bother me; whoops I accidentally friend-zoned him." Etcetera.
Or I'm on the other end of the spectrum, "Um, excuse me, but I know her and if SHE can get a guy, why can't I? Oh great, another friend is engaged- always the bridesmaid. Yes I know there is a guy for me out there, but he ain't here yet and I'm feeling impatient."
I know there are a few of you reading this, hollerin' "amen girlfran!" to both of those paragraphs. If we're in the same boat, let me share some awesomeness with you.
First, read Beth Alma's 31: Proverbs & Job. Be one, Be with the other.

After that, hit up Alyssa Joy's Hope In Singleness.

Third, read Jeff Cherry's The Purpose of Singleness.

Fourth, check out my sweet friend Erin's When Waiting Is Hard.

and last but certainly not least, read Kymberly Janelle's to all the single women...i dare you.

Now hit up YouTube for Rebecca St James "Wait For Me" and Anthem Lights "Hide Your Love Away".

Were you inspired and encouraged? I hope so.

Love, Beth

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

just a verse...

Popping in quickly to check in...
after all, 'tis spring break in my part of the world. I'm spending it with one of my best friends, at her parents' house. We are quite enjoying ourselves! Her nephew is turning one soon, so it's been baby central. Pictures to come, of course!
The verse I want to share with yall this week is 2 Timothy 2:11-13. It says,
“Here is a TRUSTWORTHY saying:
If we died with Him, we will also live with Him;
If we endure, we will also reign with Him.
If we disown Him, He will also disown us.
If we are faithless, HE REMAINS FAITHFUL, for HE CANNOT disown Himself.”
He remains faithful. At all times. AT ALL TIMES. Let that sink in and absorb. He is ALIVE. He is on His throne. He is LOVE. Life's been messy lately, and He is good through it all.
love, beth

Monday, March 11, 2013

waiting on the world to change.

This world...needs Jesus.

This world...needs a Savior.

This world is a dark place. It doesn't take much to figure that out. Just look around you. Media is all up in your face. Half the time, the songs on the radio are too inappropriate for my ears. Watch the news- that's a sure fire way to get depressed about where we're headed. Sickness is all over the place. Stories of sex trafficking, drug abuse, and violence are the new norm.  

Satan wants nothing more than to drag you down with him. He knows that the ultimate battle has already been won, so he is determined to take as many of God's chosen ones- US!- with him. He makes it his job to tempt us, to distract us, to lure us away from our walk with Christ.

My aunt Ang loves to say, "If you want to BE different, then you've got to DO different." I wholeheartedly agree. How are we supposed to show Christ's love if we are acting the same as the world? We are called to BE DIFFERENT. We are called to live in such a way that people are pointed to Christ.

Romans 12:2 says, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Be transformed! BE DIFFERENT!

What does that look like? Blast your Jesus music! Don't read the sex filled New York times best seller. Skip the R rated movie. Encourage your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to stay strong. Find a church community and get plugged in. Get in the Word with the Lord. Be polite and respectful. Love when it's hard. Run the opposite direction from any kind of temptation that comes your way. Stand apart from the crowd.

Make living for Jesus your priority, friends. No, we aren't going to always get it right. We aren't perfect- we fail and make mistakes. But Jesus always catches us; He always forgives; He always redeems.

Be transformed today, friends.

xo, bethany

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hug me brother!


****That's a Drake and Josh quote if you didn't catch that. My sister loves that show.
One of my gifts is the gift of physical touch- squeezing a hand, rubbing a back, playing with hair, hugs, putting an arm around someone. Physical touch is my way of showing love and encouragement, sympathy and support.
Obviously, physical touch includes hugs. What is it about hugs? I just love them.
I grew up in a family of huggers- for example, my Grandgrace gets so excited to see you that she hugs like she's going to crush you. But it was my "sister" Lauren who really taught me how to hug. She hugs with her heart, and gives hugs like presents. You just know her arms are safe and how loved you are.
I'm a hugger. None of this one-arm, side hug junk (I take that back; if it's a guy around my age they get a side hug). But my girls, my kids, my family- they get swallowed up. Everyone needs hugs. Everyone needs that little physical touch of love.
I believe hugs are healing, too. Sometimes, hugs say what words can't. Hugs let you know that there is still someone who cares.
Hugs are a gift. Give them. Take them.
"There’s something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart,
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part…."
love, beth

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

faith like a child

Last week I got to spend an entire day with my favorite toddler, Marley. She is precious. Precocious and full of life. Entertains herself. Great disposition. Loves Minnie Mouse and snuggle time. Refers to me as "Beff-knee" or "Beffy". AND recognizes Target- child after my own heart y'all.
I had just made lunch and was juggling her plate and my phone. I remember sighing as I set her plate down and she asked me what was wrong. Trying to put the situation into toddler terms, I simply said, "MarMar, there's a man who died on the cross for you and He is the only one you ever need to love." Without blinking, she looked me in the eye and said, "I know Beffy, I love my Jesus and my Bible." and returned to her plate.

I was dumbfounded. Here is a two and a half year old, grasping a concept many adults can't grasp. As if it were the most natural thing in the world- right next to breathing, comes loving Jesus. But that is how it should be. Loving Jesus should be our first nature. In her simple declaration, I found myself affected.

You see, as a toddler, Marley's needs (and the majority of her wants) are all met. She is fed, cleaned, played with, read to, sung to, danced with, and snuggled with. She is given love, so she gives love. She is cared for, by the older people in her life who have the ability and capacity to meet her needs. She has faith and trust in them- they have always cared for her, so why should she expect any differently? She has no reason to doubt her parents, grandparents, aunt Kiffidy, or me.

It is the same way with Jesus and us. He has the ability AND the capacity to meet all of our needs- and our wants. He feeds us with his words. He cleans us with his grace. He plays with us, with joy. He reads and sings over us with his love. He dances with us. He snuggles with us, comforting and consoling. Because He gives love, we should give love. He has ALWAYS cared for us. He always WILL.

So where should we put our faith and trust? Where should we put our hope? In Christ. Day after day after day. He is steadfast and does not change. We have no reason to doubt Him.

Father, today and everyday I choose to trust you. I put my faith and hope in you, knowing you are dependable, knowing that you love me.

In His love, Bethany

Monday, March 4, 2013

the bestest.

The last two weeks have had a of couple hard days, friends. I'm going to be honest with you because I have a point to make.

There were days where I was tempted to climb back into bed and stay there for a while. Days where it was literally all I could do to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Days where I walked around in a daze, withdrawn and quiet (yeah I know, me? quiet?! it happens.)

I was in Houston when my dad called to tell me that the doctor gave my mom a new prognosis. I had been saying it for months, Dad had been saying it for months, and no one in the medical field would confirm it- so for the doctor to finally admit that Dad and I were right, and dared to include a new prognosis, was a shock.

I got my one of my two best friends, Rachel (not my sister; the other one!) on the phone. And she literally held me up as I grieved for my momma. She about broke me when she pointed out two things-

1. Jesus wants us to live in the present and cherish the time we do have.

2. Jesus has been using my family to grow His kingdom through the battle of MS since Day One; He is absolutely going to continue that mission through us with this new prognosis.

Whoa baby. Rock my world why dontcha.

When I returned home on Sunday, I went to church for an evening service, where Rachel met me and hugged me hard, as did another dear friend who didn't even know the whole story, but knew I needed him.

Tuesday brought a panic attack and I was in constant communicaton with Rachel and my second best friend, Brooke. I was a mess all day, and I barely made it to work. But I had two dear friends encouraging me and praying over me the entire day. They took time out of their days to continually check on me and walk me through it and point me to Jesus.

Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself to see how blessed you are. Friends like Brooke and Rachel? BLESSINGS. I have prayed for such friendshps for a long time. I prayed for friends who would take the time and make an effort, even when life is filled with muck. I prayed for friends to hold my hand and hug me and share my heart with. I prayed that I could be that kind of friend for them.

Jesus provided. Not one, not two, but several people. Honest, God loving people, who continually make me laugh and always point me to the Lord. People who drop everything to be there. Friends that bless me so much that my heart is full to bursting.


Do you have people in your life that bless you with their friendship? If so, be grateful for them. Tell them how much they bless you. Love on them a little extra today.

so thanks to my bestests. you know who you are, and you each rock my world.

In His Love, beth

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hello friends!
I'd like you to meet the family. I'm still surprised that we all managed to take a good looking picture- every single one of us is looking at the camera AND smiling. It will never happen again, I tell you. We like to ham it up for the camera. 

Monday, February 11th, was my granddaddy's 90th birthday.

The same Monday, he had a tumor removed from his head.

BUT. Prior to surgery, my GrandGrace decided to throw GrandDoc a parrtay. Friends and family from near and far joined together to celebrate GrandDoc' life.

The place was packed I tell you. So many people showed up, including family that we hadn't seen in years and friends from out of town. It was such a blessing to see the multitude of folks that showed up to love on my GrandDoc.

GrandGrace had asked everyone to write GrandDoc a letter, instead of bringing a gift.

Do you know what a blessing it was to sit down and page through those letters? The love just jumped from the pages. Over and over, people commented on his steadfastness, his faith in God, his love for our family, his "everything will be okay" attitude.

Obviously he's impacted people. He's made a difference in lives. He's loved well.

What a legacy. That's the kind of legacy we should all strive to leave- a life full of loving God and loving others.

xo, beth

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ten Ways To Love

  1. Listen without interrupting. ( PROVERBS 18 )
  2. Speak without accusing. ( JAMES 1:19 )
  3. Give without sparing. ( PROVERBS 21:26 )
  4. Pray without ceasing. ( COLOSSIANS 1:9 )
  5. Answer without arguing. ( PROVERBS 17:1 )
  6. Share without pretending. ( EPHESIANS 4:15 )
  7. Enjoy without complaint. ( PHILIPPIANS 2:14 )
  8. Trust without wavering. ( CORINTHIANS 13:7 )
  9. Forgive without punishing. ( COLOSSIANS 3:13 )
  10. Promise without forgetting. ( PROVERBS 13:12 )

In Him, beth