Sunday, January 20, 2013

Playing Catch Up.

Well, it's been about three weeks since I last posted.
In my defense, life has been insane. Too insane to type up poems, or post pretty pictures, or recap what my morning quiet time showed me. Too insane to reply to the emails that have piled up. Too insane to do anything but sink into the couch at the end of the day, thanking the Lord for giving me the strength to make it through another day. My plans continually got changed, until I gave up writing in my calendar because it contained an illegible mess of inked out lines and pencil eraser marks. My phone has rung with calls and beeps with texts and vibrates with each email, til I forced myself to shut it off. (I don't need all that technology anyway, contrary to what my generation would like you to think.) As my plans and what I wanted to do were thrown out the window, I found myself purposefully giving each day to God. Who do You want me to meet with today? Who do I need to check in with today? Where can I serve you?

In the midst of all this busyness, the Lord showed me a word: intentional. And at first I thought I misheard Him. Here's God, who wants me to give my days to him, and yet He's telling me to be intentional. With what? With whom? How?

With my time. With my people. With the questions I ask God. With everything. He wants me to be intentional in living for Him. He wants YOU to be intentional in living for Him.
Living like this has flipped my life upside down. I feel like a little kid that is trying to learn how to cartwheel. They are so terrified that they are going to fall, but whoa baby! Their hands hit the pavement. They feel their feet fly over their heads before hitting the ground, and they're stunned as they stand up and brush their hands off. They're ecstatic. All because they completed the cartwheel.
An epiphany happens when you realize how much more awesome life is when you include God in EVERYTHING, from the little details to the big.

Til next time, Beth