Monday, February 10, 2014

Say No To: Additional, Unnecessary Crazy.

I have a quick post that's a deviation from our February Favorites series! 
My best friend sent me this image (below) when I allowed myself to get carried into chaotic waters. 

Occasionally we all get carried away, by the demands of our jobs, with our friends' drama, by stress in our lives. We get caught up in the moment, and we forget that there is life beyond ourselves. 
Going to bed emotionally or physically exhuasted? Not okay. Ending the day drained & dreading the morning? Not okay. We were not made to be master jugglers. 
Sometimes the fallout of saying yes to too many things is realizing what you value. Making the most of our short lives means prioritizing. Find out what is important to you- what you find purpose in. Is God glorified in every aspect of your life? Have you been giving your all, or are you spread thin? 
You have the power to lead a life giving life. You have the power to politely say no to one more thing. The power to change the conversation when it isn't God-glorifying. The power to say no to additional, unnecessary crazy, in whatever shape or form that looks like for you. Be purposeful with your days and your activities and your relationships. 
SML Volume 10 coming tonight. 
xx, bethany

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