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Monday, May 26, 2014

All She Read- A Woman of Fortune


Hello sweet reader friends, 

A Woman of Fortune is part romance novel, part mystery. This book's blurb (back cover) intrigued me. Basically, an uber rich Texas woman has to start over after her husband is booked for fraud. The husband's actions are far reaching, affecting hundreds of people, especially those closest to him. This book was a great reminder of just how our actions affect others. 

It was encouraging to see the main character pick up and start over from nothing. But I couldn't relate to her, or her children's reactions, so I had a hard time enjoying this book.
Although it was a well written book, I was not satisfied with the ending. This book won't be staying on my bookshelf. 
xx, bethany

Thursday, May 22, 2014

what i'm learnING from my kids

((because we aren't allowed to take personal pictures of our kids, this photo is via pinterest via here))

Messes are necessary to have a good time.

So rarely does life stay within the lines and boxes we would like for it to. The times we remember the most are when we throw caution to the wind and intentionally go outside the lines, beyond the boxes we confine ourselves to. Let go of control and follow your heart. It’s messy, it’s chaotic, it’s overwhelming- it’s worth it.

Hugs always help. 

Kids hug with abandon- they grab you and hang on for dear life to let you know you are loved and to be reassured that they are loved. Those are the hugs that piece your heart back together.

Sharing is where we find the greatest rewards.

 Sharing is hard because we don’t dare trust anyone else with the things we hold closest to our heart, for fear others might take & break those things. But sharing ourselves leads to closer friendships & relationships. Sharing our time and our possessions leads to blessing others and being blessed by others. When we pour out, we are poured back into.

The most beautiful presents come from the


Presents that come from a place of genuine love and care for the other person are the most affecting presents. They are the ones we cherish most, the ones we frame and keep and talk about in years to come.

Time is just a number, and is not to be rushed.

Hurry up is a phrase that ought to be banished from our vocabulary. Adults are always rushing to be somewhere and concentrating on where to be next; kids prefer to live in the moment, enjoying it to the fullest.

Life, and all it entails, requires mastering the 

art of flexibility.

Accidents happen. Plans get changed. People leave. It’s a constant roller coaster that requires seeing it to the end of the line, and you will when you adjust to the ups and downs and curves and such.

The best days will wear you out, in such 

fulfilling ways.

 xx, bethany

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I gotcha class right here.


You know what is refreshing? Or rather, who is refreshing? Candace Cameron Bure. You may have seen my Instagrams about my admiration ((ahem, girl crush)) for her...

Really though, this is an age where people would rather be remembered for their immorality- such as "leaked" sextapes, maxim spreads, or political scandals- whatever will guarantee them their fifteen minutes of fame. And sadly, those souls are never fulfilled in those actions or with the attention they receive from those actions. 

A former child star, Candace Cameron Bure was probably even more susceptible to falling in with Hollywood's fast crowd, yet she never did. Instead, she found her fulfillment in Jesus. That's not to say she didn't have hard days or tough seasons, because Candace did have hard days- as humans, we are guaranteed hard days. But she stayed firm in her commitment to her relationship with Him through it all. 

Candace is wife to former hockey player turned wine entrepreneur, Val Bure, and she is also momma to three teenagers. She isn't just known for her work as an actress (Full House, Make It Or Break It, multiple Hallmark movies, just to name a few). She is a New York Times Best Selling author- twice- and a sought after speaker across the nation. Candace is currently on season 18 of Dancing With The Stars. I have a feeling her career will blow up even more once DWTS is over. 

Initially, I started following Candace when I first started twitter. I adored Full House, just like the rest of america, but I was so excited to find out that CCB was a Christian. Over the years, I've learned to admire Candace as a sister in Christ. I've kept up with her blogs, and read her books, and followed her Instagram, and considered her one of my role model women. Because Candace isn't just another Christian woman. She is a cheerful, God glorifying, soul. She is an encourager and a truth speaker. She fights for what she believes in. She is real about her life, from her struggles to her joys, and is quick to point to Jesus in all of it. Candace puts together outfits from Target, and shares recipes from her kitchen, and throws dance parties with her friends and family. 

She's remained a favorite in the eyes of America because she is so genuine and so relatable(is that a word?). Although the release of CCB's second book brought about people who tried to bring her down, even they can't fight the fact that there is a certain charm about her, a certain light from within her. Candace does what all Christians should aspire to do: she makes non-believers wonder what she has & desire it for themselves. That something she has is Jesus. 


So here's to one of the few actresses, who keeps Jesus first, her family second, and her work third. If our generation insists upon looking up to celebrities, may they be of the quality that Candace Cameron Bure is. May we all strive to be more like her; may we strive to live for Jesus more. 

Find Candace Cameron Bure on Twitter & Instagram
Buy her books here and here

xx, bethany

Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Madness. {{SML Volume 16}}

Hi friends!!
Welcome back to Sharing My Library :) 

Can I just say that I don't even remember what happened this week? Am I the only one that happens to? Just me? Kay, great. 

My best friend and I met up last week for a manicure date. She was in town for her former roommate's graduation, before heading back to Baylor to get her LMSW!! I couldn't attend her convocation because I had to work, but I am so proud of her.  She'll be back next weekend to help me organize the chaos of my room since I returned to my parent's house. 

Sunday morning was the first time in months that I attended First Denton's college group and contemporary service. It's strange to no longer be teaching middle school, but both  sunday school & big church were much needed times of worship. 

My sister and I finally introduced our parents to Frozen, because of Once Upon A Time's season finale. Personally, I can't take anymore of the Frozen soundtrack because that is all we play at work. The kids ADORE that movie and soundtrack. Who knew two and three year olds could recite movie quotes and song lyrics?! 

It thunder-stormed like crazy two afternoons this week, but my kids did great. We read a lot on those days, just snuggling staying away from the windows. ((It's still tornado season here in texas)) Pre-K and Kindergarten graduation was this week at work, which was very exciting. 

A sweet friend, yet another Rachael, got married over the weekend. She was a gorgeous bride and will make an even more beautiful wife. I will miss seeing her, as she's moving to Houston with her new hubby. ((Hashtag #AllMyFriendsHaveOtherHalves)) Her wedding brought about several reunions and a new friend as well.  

I'm trying to finish my ((current)) stack of child development books and get caught up on lesson plans before the weekend is over. 

Now, to share more of my library. 

I am so utterly impressed with Chicago Fire & Chicago PD. Yallsguys (thats a southern phrase i think) - both shows are such a darn good shows. Well written, well acted, well done.

Lost & Found- Katie Herzig
Young & Beautiful- Lana Del Rey
Sky's Still Blue- Andrew Belle
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)- Sleeping At Last
Wicked Calamity Jane- Bethany Joy Lenz

Psh, this week, they're all child development related. No fun reading until I finish those. 

Blogger/Instagrammer/basically, follow these people. 
Katie Cook >>> Hope Engaged 
Bailey Robert >>> Brave Love Blog 
Ian Harber >>> Ian Harber

Did you miss these? >>>>

More than summer wind. /// taking inventory.

A wall of fire.

my dad can rap.

Beth's Bet- Silenced 

do you follow me on insta?? 
xx, bethany

Thursday, May 15, 2014

All She Read- Silenced

So recently, I had the opportunity to get free books. SAY WHAT?! 

You heard me. I get to read books for free. As long as I review them on my blog, which I already do anyway for Sharing My Library- but from now on, my book reviews will be separate (Beth's Bet), and a little more detailed!


I could have sworn I had told yall about Dani Pettrey- I came across her books on Amazon one day last fall. She has become one of favorite new Christian suspense authors. Personally, she’s up there with Dee Henderson; like she is THAT good.

Her current series is called Alaskan Courage. It’s about a family of adult siblings, who love extreme outdoor sports. Mysterious events keep finding each sibling and they have to navigate their way out. The author excels at keeping the current sibling's story line central, while also keeping track of the other siblings & their significant others. She manages to do it without being overwhelming or confusing. 

I was sent the fourth book in the series, Silenced.  It’s about the sibling (Kayden) that I initially related to the least, but I truly enjoyed delving past her surface and discovering who she truly is.

I don’t believe in sharing spoilers, but I will say this- It was about time Kayden gave Jake the time of day and let go of her wariness towards him.

This book kept me guessing and racing to finish it, only so I could reread it again slower to enjoy details I might have missed the first time. Yall make sure to get the series from the first book, Submerged, and follow it up with Shattered, then Stranded, and finish with Silenced.

Xx, bethany

my dad can rap.

Coming across this print made me laugh. See, my dad used to rap this to my sister and I, as kids. I can still hear him. We begged him to do it the other night 
He's pretty cool, on occasion. 
xx, bethany

Monday, May 12, 2014

A wall of fire.

Hey friends. 
I came across this verse, Zechariah 2:5, while reading the other day. And a couple hours later, I saw it again, on Pinterest. Don't you love when God repeats things to you to nail them into your heart until you believe them? 

God promises to be "a wall of fire around her". Woow. Does that blow anyone else's mind? The Lord DECLARES that He WILL BE a fiery hedge of protection around YOU. He is going to protect you at all costs, no matter what. WITH A WALL OF FIRE! 

But He doesn't stop there- He states that He will "be the glory in our midst". He will be the glory to cling to when the circumstances are too messy to look at for a second longer. We serve a God that excels at taking our situations and turning them around to make Him look good. But we have to surrender the situation before He can do anything with it. 

This verse is such a beautiful image of the security the Lord promises us. I hope it blesses you as it blessed me. 

xo, bethany

Sunday, May 11, 2014

More than summer wind. /// taking inventory.

I'm slowly coming back to this little niche as I wade through transition. A few weeks ago, I moved back in with my sweet silly parents to save money for a while. We're having an interesting time! Hope you are all well, dear readers. 

I had started writing this post but had hesitated on actually posting it. A few days later, I saw a similar list floating around the blog world, so I adapted mine to that one, since I liked it better. Sometimes the best thing to do in the midst of the busyness of life is to stop and take stock of your feelings, thoughts, and surroundings. 
Weathering: warm spring days. all of April's showers brought may's flowers!! I love how beautiful spring is in Texas. 
Watching: Drake and Josh reruns with my sister. She's laughing, which makes me laugh. Happy hearts. 
Feelingsomewhat discouraged I try to break a lifelong habit; feeling grateful that I have a wonderful job that challenges me and encourages my growth.  

Making: Mother's Day presents with my kids all week. We finger-painted pots, pressing the kid's thumbs & fingers to form flowers and butterflies. We tied lollipops prettily to place inside the pot, and added a note that said, "mommy, my love for you grows every year." I wish I'd remembered to take a picture of all the pots!! SO cute. 
Cooking: HA. right. my sister cooked today for mother's day, not me. 
Drinking: too much coke. 

Reading: Silenced by Dani Pettrey. ((related sidenote- soon book reviews are going to start appearing 'round here... :))

Wanting: a dear friend's desire to become a reality. Her heart for this desire is so genuine & how she is waiting so beautifully for Jesus' time makes me so proud of her. 
Looking: at facebook pictures of a sweet friend's baby girl who was dedicated today. 

Playing: music. Specifically, 
Save You- Matthew Perryman Jones; 23- Jimmy Eat World; Enough- Tyrone Wells. 

Wishing: on dandelions. 
Enjoying: the rare, still moments with my kids during weekdays, spent relishing their laughter and chatter and snuggles

Liking: this quote- "Don't let the seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon."

Wondering: why we so often chose to revert to survival mode instead of acknowledging the difficulty, moving on, and choosing to live life past the limits.  
Loving: Kari Jobe's song, Forever

Hoping: to get starbucks while running errands shortly...

Marveling: over the fact that at the end of every day, I can chose to leave it all in the hands that were wounded for me. 
Needing: a new phone case. How materialistic, I know. But I do indeed, need a new one. 

Smelling: my sister's perfume that I've borrowed, every day this week. It's Victoria's Secret Pink- Warm & Cozy. 
Wearing: more dresses & skirts in my off time since I'm continually in shorts/pants for work. My friend Meatha is my inspiration. 
Following: candace cameron bure & her stint on dancing with the stars. That woman is such a jesus-shining inspiration. 

Noticing: just how allergic I am to dogs, since I've moved back in with my parents & puppy dog. Hello, sinus infections 24/7. 
Knowing: and reminding myself that no power of hell nor any scheme of man can ever pluck me from His hand.
Thinking: my mom is probably the hardest person to shop for, honestly. 

Bookmarking: child development books.

Opening: boxes and suitcases trying to find the various things I'm missing since I haphazardly threw things together before moving. 
Giggling At: an interview snippet with jennifer lawrence. 

jennifer lawrence is the bomb. 

if you do one of these inventories, let me know! i'd love to read it :) 

love, bethany