Thursday, February 27, 2014

reading induced restlessness

I blame my love of reading for a lot of different things.
that is abby's photgraphy, thankyouverymuch. 
Mostly, I blame it for restlessness. I don't mean discontentment. You can be restless while being content. It's kind of an oxy moron, but it exists, at least in my life. The dictionary describes restlessness as "craving constant movement; desiring action". This restlessness is why I meander- through stores, through downtown, on road trips, on hikes. It's probably why I can't settle on radio stations in the car, or is that ADD/ADHD/OCD? Who knows. 

I believe the Lord plants in our souls a snippet of restlessness so that we'll always want to be pursuing Him. If we had no desire to move from our current spot in life, He couldn't mold us or use us. We would be content remaining stagnant in our relationship with Him. We would be content in remaining stagnant in our relationships with others, never doing life or speaking life to them. We would be misssing out on the adventure of life that He has called us to. 
I am all for growth. My goal is to never be stagnant, but always growing. I believe the Lord always wants to be teaching us, always leading us, always showing us, always using us. He, too, is all for growth. 
Go be restless today, whydon'tya. See what the Lord teaches you, where He leads you, what He shows you, how He uses you. 
xx, bethany

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sharing My Library- Vol 12: Jericho

Happy weekday, friends. My weekend had me all over the place, as baby Burnside #4 arrived, I had rehearsal for our night of worship, and a long bakery shift. A full weekend, for which I was thankful for. AND, I am up to my ears in dream chasing. 

Here's some inspiration I've come across this week...
Lots of Ways to be a Momma by Jenny Simmons 

Love Hurts Like Hell by Allison Vesterdfelt 

My dear friend Abby and I spent time together Sunday, meandering through our town and lunching and chatting. 

I have Nickelback's Trying Not To Love You on repeat today. I don't normally enjoy their music, but that song is hitting home right now. 

I mentioned above that my church had a night of worship Sunday night. Friends, I am in love with how Jesus shows up. Whether you're expecting Him to or He shows up unexpectedly, He ALWAYS shows up. The story of Joshua includes him leading the Israelites, who stepped out in faith with him, to surround a city and watch it fall in God's time. My worship leader friend/the lucy to my ethel, Tonya, named our night of worship 'Jericho' for this very reason. That event was prayed over and blessed. Like the Israelites showed up daily to surround Jericho, we showed up expecting God to move. When you expect Him to, He will. And boy, did He ever. 

that is my photography skills, thankyouverymuch. 
There is something so amazing about worshiping with a body of believers. To look into a crowd and see that many hands raised to praise Jesus. To hear voice lifting in song, claiming those words and promises and believing in the mightyness of Jesus. 

Too often we put God in a box, I believe. We want Him to move our way, on our time, like so >insert whatever scenario you want<. That is not the way He works. He is a creative God, who likes to think outside the box we place Him in. OUTSIDE the box, guys. He works differently than we do. He wants to blow us away and inspire our faith in Him to be restored. 

So instead of expecting Him to move in a certain way, just expect Him to MOVE. Let Him surprise you. Let Him bless you, beyond what you could've imagined. 
happy week, friends. xx, bethany

Monday, February 24, 2014


P- Pray. Ask God to show you His priorities for this  season. 

R- Review God's priorities for your life, specifically. 
I- take Inventory of how you spend your time. Are your current commitments the right ones?
O- Order your schedule according to God's Will. 
R- Resist urgency over importance. 
I- Input, counsel, & accountability from Godly people should be sought consistently in your life. 
T- Take advantage of the time you've been given. 
I- Identify time robbers, like activities, attitudes, distractions, and interruptions. 
E- Experience every season fully. Be all there. 
S- Sabbaths are crucial to refresh, regain perspective, reflect and evaluate, and re-prioritize. 

acrostic taken from An Untroubled Heart, by Micca Campbell

xx, Bethany

Thursday, February 20, 2014

His Way, No Highway Options.

Isaiah 55:8-9 says, "'My thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are your ways my ways', says Jehovah. 'For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.'"

Why is it that whenever things don't go our way, we try to strike out on our own? Instead of running to Jesus? 

Doing things on our own stregth leads to restlessness. 

Restlessness born out of knowing we can do and have done SO much better walking with Jesus than going it alone. We KNOW better. He proves Himself faithful time and time again, yet we still get irritated when life doesn't go our way. We need someone or something to blame when life happens. So we point to God and stomp off like angry kiddos. 

Once we calm down we realize how dumb it was to leave Him in the first place. And that is when the dog walk occurs. You know, when a dog gets caught misbehaving and it's owner calls it's name, so the dog lowers it's head and it's tail drops and he sulks over to his owner. Yupp, that one. 

BUT, we serve a God who forgives like that >>snap<< Because He is gracious. Oh so incredibly gracious to forgive us. 

blessings, bethany

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sharing My Library- Vol 11- Late to everything that doesn't involve food.

Oy. Yall should know by know that I'm always late to everything. You know The Sound of Music, when the nuns are singing about Maria?

"She's always late to chapel, but her penitence is real. 
She's always late for everything, except for every meal!"

They were talking about me. It's not intentional. That being said, it's better to be late than never arrive!

We've had SUCH lovely weather the last couple days. After a rough winter, it's been SO nice to see the sun and feel its warmth!!! I threw open my door and windows while I was cleaning to air the place out. And in my book, cleaning always requires music. 

I've been listening to a LOT of Jesus Culture- Rooftops, Holding Nothing Back, Break Every Chain- and Bethel Music- my jam is Chasing You. Some of the lyrics to Chasing You are drawn out and taped onto my mirror. I've always thought that bathroom mirrors are a great place to tape up prayer requests, verses, and such. If it's in my line of sight, it's more likely to make an impression on my brain. It also gives me something to do while getting ready in the mornings- praying instead of staring mindlessly into space. 

Squeezing in that time adds to my quiet time. I found this great list of tips on one of my favorite ministry's blog- Quiet Time Tips. This has really made me dig deeper into my Bible. I actually have it printed out to refer to. 

Speaking of Jesus time, I decided to make my 6th grade girls Valentine's Day treats. One of my sweet girls, Callie, was sweet enough to help me. I took a mason jar and lined it with pink and red paper. Then we filled those with candy and a card, screwed the lid on, and taped a nail polish on top. Voila! Instant success. They were cheap and cute, and the girls loved them. That's a win!

Yall should have seen me leave the library last week... I had a stack of books a mile high. Cake recipe books, Multiple Sclereosis-related books, and fun reading. Twas a bit ridiculous; actually, it's never ridiculous to have too many books.

My absolute favorite cake recipe book was Vintage Cakes. Oh my gosh yall. I literally bookmarked every page. I'll have to buy it. It has gorgeous pictures and delicious recipes.

Besides reading in my downtime lately, I've been rewatching Downton Abbey. Swoon. A friend and I watch the current season together every Sunday night after middle school group. Between DA and Hallmark's When Calls The Heart (review coming), my grandma heart has enjoyed escaping to 1915. 

And here's a baby announcement my darling coworker Haley and I did at the bakery this week! 

check back soon! blessings, bethany

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'll be back from 'round the way.

February Favorites Numero Dos is a quick touch on traveling! I love traveling. New places, new faces, new sights, new sounds, new foods. I enjoy being out of my comfort zone and having to explore a place in order to learn my way around. 

fave historic spot- Laura Ingalls Wilder's home- Missouri

fave city- Chicago, Ill- Wicker Park & Humboldt Park

fave bed and breakfast- Glen Rose Tx- Country Woods Inn

Fave beach- Jamaica (Dunn's River Falls in Ochos Rios)

fave mountains- Haiti 

fave childhood spot- disneyland

What are some of your favorite places? xx, bethany

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Can't Stop This Thing We Started.

Fighting. For what? For why? Do we enjoy getting dizzy? For that's all we get as we go 'round in circles. 

This started off nothing really, nothing at all. 

Seemingly uncaring words evoked sadness and a smidge of anger in me when alas, I, too, am guilty of evoking the same, for we both throw out words carelessly, just spealing from a place of hurt. Cannot we just speak in love and respect? Cannot we pause to truly think through our words before letting them out like air from a popped balloon? 

We so often let words sting others, forgetting how badly we feel when their words sting us. 

Can nothing I say end this crazy chaos? Can nothing I do bring us to the end? 

We can't resist the devil in us, the devil that caused this ruckus. 

"Can't Stop This Thing We Started"- by Bethany Vaughan

Friday, February 14, 2014

Here Is Good.

Right now, I'm chugging water after a workout, still cooling down. 
Right now I'm at my dining room table aka my makeshift desk, with the windows open. 
Right now, the breeze is flowing in and the sound of laughter fills the air. 
Right now, my house is clean (mostly). 
Right now, Jesus is whispering to my heart.
Right now, well, right now I'm here. And here is good. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SML- Vol. 10- My Classics

Keeping with our theme of February Favorites, this week's Sharing My Library features my favorite old movies. Yall know I have a love affair with anything vintage related. Basically, if it is from before 1969, I can't resist. 

The majority of my favorite movies are from 1945-1970. That's not to say I don't love recent movies; I just don't find them as good as the classics. 

I'll let you be the judge. 

1946- It's A Wonderful Life
"Strange, isn't it? Each man's live touches so many others. When he isn't around, he leaves an awful hole."

1952- Singin' In The Rain 
"Dignity, always dignity."

1953- Calamity Jane
"This town ain't big enough! Not for me and that frilled-up, flirtin', man-rustlin' petticoat, it ain't!"

1954- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
"Snowballs with rocks in them! Them poor little dears! Sobbin' buckets o' tears!"

1955- Oklahoma! 
"You never know how many people like ya til yer dead!"

1961- 101 Dalmations 
"Did you hear that, Freckles? Dad wants us to get dirty!"

1962- How The West Was Won
Cleve: "From the first moment I saw you I've known that I couldn't live without you."
Lily: "Well... I'd hate to be the cause of your death, Mr. Van Valen."

1963- McLintock!
"Don't say it's a fine mornin or I'll shoot ya!"

1964- Mary Poppins 
"We can't have them gallivanting up there like kangaroos, can we?"

1968- Yours, Mine, and Ours
"It's giving life that counts. Until you're ready for it, all the rest is just a big fraud. All the crazy haircuts in the world won't keep it turning. Life isn't a love in, it's the dishes and the orthodontist and the shoe repairman and... ground round instead of roast beef. And I'll tell you something else: it isn't going to a bed with a man that proves you're in love with him; it's getting up in the morning and facing the drab, miserable, wonderful everyday world with him that counts."

I keep telling yall I was born in the wrong era... now do you believe me?

xx, bethany

Monday, February 10, 2014

Say No To: Additional, Unnecessary Crazy.

I have a quick post that's a deviation from our February Favorites series! 
My best friend sent me this image (below) when I allowed myself to get carried into chaotic waters. 

Occasionally we all get carried away, by the demands of our jobs, with our friends' drama, by stress in our lives. We get caught up in the moment, and we forget that there is life beyond ourselves. 
Going to bed emotionally or physically exhuasted? Not okay. Ending the day drained & dreading the morning? Not okay. We were not made to be master jugglers. 
Sometimes the fallout of saying yes to too many things is realizing what you value. Making the most of our short lives means prioritizing. Find out what is important to you- what you find purpose in. Is God glorified in every aspect of your life? Have you been giving your all, or are you spread thin? 
You have the power to lead a life giving life. You have the power to politely say no to one more thing. The power to change the conversation when it isn't God-glorifying. The power to say no to additional, unnecessary crazy, in whatever shape or form that looks like for you. Be purposeful with your days and your activities and your relationships. 
SML Volume 10 coming tonight. 
xx, bethany

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Introducing February Favorites!

Hi friends!!
This is the second series I've done, first SML, and now this- February Favorites. It'll be a month long series, with each post highlighting some of my favorite things! I got inspired by a list of favorites I saw on Pinterest. 

We will cover the following:
~Pinterest Crafts
~Ways to serve
~Cities I've fallen in love with, whether through a vacation or mission trip
~Verses, Bible Studies, & Podcasts
~Daily Pick-Me-Ups

I had a laundry list of favorites, but I'd rather that not be all yall see on my blog. And personally, I didn't want to be posting every day!! These 5 were my go-to choices. I wanted to give you the familiiar- verses, bible studies, & podcasts, the unseen- cities I love, the heart- ways to serve, and two fun- pinterest crafts and daily pick-me-ups. 

I hope yall enjoy this!!

Today's February Favorites is Pinterest Crafts. 

1. Cardboard Playhouses, via abeautifulmessblog
for the How To, click here.  

2. Menu Board, via thecreativemama
For the How To, click here 

3. Scrapbook Paper Coasters
For the How To, click here 

4. Framed Board Games
Remove glass front from frame and place board game inside frame. Tape a baggie to the back to hold any required pieces/cards. Voila!

5. Fabric Map, via seekatesew
For the How To, click here 

6. Antique Recipes, via tatteredstyle
For the How To, click here 

7. Wristlet Key Fob, via prudentbaby
For the How To, click here

And two to do with kiddos! 
8. Fruit Stamps 
need: fruit (oranges, lemons, grapefruit), paint, canvas 

9. Popsicle Picture Frames  
need: popsicle sticks, hot glue, washi tape 

xx, bethany

Monday, February 3, 2014

SML- Volume 9- Welcome, February, would you like some ice?

Happy Monday morning! 
We're in Icepocalypse #1 and a 1/2 here- it's not icpocalypse #2 because it is nowhere near as bad as icepocalypse #1- so its cooooold here. THIS IS TEXAS PEOPLE we don't do cold! I actually just looked out my window and saw one of the kid's favorite nerf football chillin' in a flowerbed covered in ice. 

Super quick SML today...

Movie/TV Show- Rachael Ray is my fave morning show. I j'adore her. She seems like she'd be a fun friend! Ha. 

Book- The Astronaut Wives' Club by Lily Koppel 

I try to read a few New York Times bestsellers, but I rarely like the ones that other people RAVE over. I thought I would like this one because it was history; I'd give it a 3/5 stars, if this were an official book review ;)

Music- Shane Harper- "Hold You Up"

Verse- "We are confident in preferring to be away from the body and at home with the Lord." -2 Corinthians 5:8

I die EVERY time. 

Be on the lookout for fun stuff coming this month!! 
be blessed lovelies. xx, bethany