Sunday, March 2, 2014

Unless You Live In Texas

Thankfully the season come and go. Around here, they come and go in the same day (yesterday was 80 and today was 19). Seasons are ever changing, leaving the world around us ever evolving. Tis a good thing. Too much time spent in one season would be fruitless. Even humans who dislike change see the necessity and importance of seasons. Life requires the different aspects of all seasons, each perfectly timed and perfectly placed to bring about full growth. 

If it were a stagnant land, depression and despondency would most assuredly arise. Humankind would cry, "woe is me" and bemoan the lack of change. Twould be a folly but discontent souls find a place to lay blame wherever they are. 
The young ones are the ones who show us how to enjoy each season 's vast variety to it's full extent. With cheeky excitement they beg to play outside no matter the condition.
When did we so lose our sense of adventure? 
When did we stop looking forward to what was ahead, replacing excitement with dread?
When did we vecome crotchety and stagnent? 
Even trees that have been in the same place for hundreds iof years continue to grow, thrive, and affect those around it. 
Here's to change. To growth. To evolving. To trusting. 
Here's to looking forward to adventure. 
Here's to seasons. May they bring about much needed growth in us. 
xx, bethany

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