Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hashtag- Stuff My 6th Grade Girls Say

Names left out to protect the guilty. 
Girl #1- "What do you call a scalp doctor?"
Girl #2- "Is this a joke? Hmm, a native american?"
Girl #3- "Whoa now."
Girl #1- "NO! I'm serious! I was thinking, if a doctor ever needed to do scalp research, they should come to our church and wait til the choir bows their heads. there's all kinds a scalps up there!"
"It's okay; you'll survive without him." 
6th grade girl- "You forgot to warn her that we chase squirrels!"
Me- "Nuh uh, I warned her of that in our facebook message!"
DNow Leader- "...I gotta reread that facebook message"
Me- "I said go mingle; I didn't say go flirt!!"
6th grade girl- "Ehh it means the same thing."
"Look we got GREAT white girl moves!" 
And If one more 12 year old sing-screams anything related to Frozen at me, I'm going to scream. That is all. 
xx, bethany

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