Wednesday, March 5, 2014

just sharing a lil' more o' me library, volume 13

Happy Wednesday loves!! 
First, thanks for the love in regards to my last post (found here). You guys are my people. 
ain't that the truth, ruth. 

Now, onto our weekly Sharing My Library. Reedemed Girls Podcast- Girlfriend's Guidebook Numero Dos helped me see the light regarding a strained relationship. Thankful for resources like podcasts to point us to Jesus.

I had the urge to watch the 1995 The Parent Trap the other day.  Such a good movie. 

Mexican food. All week this week, I've been crazy craving Mexican food. It's BAD, yall. Chips and salsa. Queso. Tacos. Enchiladas. Beans. Rice.... Drool. Please, just Mexican food, 24/7, that'd be great. 

I think I've mentioned my love for Downton Abbey a time or two. Well, may I just say that the DA season finale had me SWOONing. Mr Carson and Ms Hughes walking hand in hand into the water... le sigh. And Rose's ball gown? To die for.  And the Doawger's zingers leave me in stitches. I want to be her when I grow up. 

Keeping with my vintage love, I've been daydreaming at lately. 
I love this dress. buy here 

oh, and lent. Wah. No, I ain't catholic. Last year the best friend (Rachel) decided we each ought to give up something we idolized, in order to spend more time focusing on Jesus. I gave up caffeine, in all shapes and forms. She gave up sugar. 
It was a ROUGH season in our lives. Looking back, Rachel had more of an excuse to break because she was in the midst of a breakup. Personally, I just can't function without coffee in the morning and coke in the afternoon. 
This year, Rachel's giving up sleep. Like sleeping in and staying up late. She wants to be more diligent in her quiet time. With diligence comes intention. So, she's intentionally setting aside time every morning to get her crossfitting bum out of bed to spend time with Jesus. 
Me? Well, I'm giving up biting/picking at my nails and attempting to pray over subconscious worries instead. My nail biting/picking at cuticles is a problem. Seriously, SOME people smack me for it. But I'd rather have nice nails and a light spirit because I'm handing worries to Jesus, sooooo here we go. 
Are you giving anything up to focus more on Jesus? 
xx, bethany

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