Monday, December 2, 2013

Sharing My Library- Volume 4

Happy Monday gang! 

Who all braved Black Friday? Props to you; I stayed home. Too crazy. 

It's holiday time, meaning every Hallmark movie ever made is on. I'm hit or miss with Hallmark movies- I either love it and it makes me cry, or I abhor it. Well, I fell in love with one yesterday. Sometimes I'm 100% girl. Anyways, it's called A Bride for Christmas. I know it sounds cheesy but its adorable. The male lead's a cutie. 

And Disney has a new movie out, Frozen, which my 6th grade girls want to see- who am I fooling I want to see it too- so we'll be seeing that this week. 

I babysat Friday night, and it was my turn to pick the movie. The boys always groan at first, but in the end, they love what I've picked. Sheesh. No trust! But that being said, we watched the 2005 Yours, Mine, & Ours. Even held the three year old's attention. Jackpot.

In case you're wondering, we had a dance party to Maxine Nightingale's "Right Back Where We Started From" at the end of the movie. 

And I'm sorry; it is Christmas Celebration 2013 crunch time, so that is mostly what I've been listening to. And yall don't want to hear that. At least not our practice demos. Eeek. 

I did hear a song at work the other day that I loved. "Settlin'" by Sugarland. Texted it to a friend and she responded, "THAT'S OUR LIVES!!" Well, we do dance around living rooms... 

My best is our guest book recommend-er today. She says to read Jesus>Religion by Jefferson Bethke. Cmon yall, it's Jefferson Bethke- he's awesome. Can't go wrong. 

I'll see yall between Christmas rehearsals this week! 

love, bethany

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