Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Red Lips For This Girl.

Boys, yall keep scrolling 'cause I assure you, this post won't interest you. Purely girl talk ;) 

I've been on a hunt for red dye free blush and lipstick...I never wear either, because: 
A) 98% of the drugstore blushes & lipsticks have red dye in them, and sister is allergic to red dye. 
and B) I find that many girls & women who use blush and lipstick look too done up- I prefer a natural look.  

I've never had a desire to wear either blush or lipstick before, either. The little desire I once had was quickly squashed by the reality of a price tag- I just wasn't willing to spend truckloads of money on expensive brands that are red dye free- I'd rather spend it on books or mascara or say, rent. I am just find with my current makeup routine, thankyouverymuch.  

BUT. This year I'm singing in First Denton's Christmas Celebration instead of working behind the scenes, and we're required to have rosy lips and cheeks.  

So after eliminating pinterest suggestions, like DIY berry blush, etc- sister ain't sure that she could whip up her own stuff- I've been researching brands that don't use red dye, but also won't break my bank. I have been pleasantly surprised that red dye free makeup is a more common sought after product that I realized. I came across this article, by makeup artist Samantha Klein. WELL HELLO HELPFUL. 

I started moving through the list of brands she had provided, eliminating the blushes and lipsticks that did have red dye or were too expensive. I was getting a little discouraged when I came across Tarte- their blush doesn't have red dye and it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. BUT WAIT! (No this isn't an infomercial...) A few months ago, my sister had bought a sample TARTE blush & bronzer set. So I texted her to ask if she still had it... if you know my sister, you know that she is notorious for losing things, so my hopes weren't set too high. Get this- she still has it. SCORE!! 

Now for a lipstick. Wish me luck. 

with love, beth

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