Thursday, December 12, 2013

The show MUST go on.

"Come Rain, Come Shine, Come Snow, Come Sleet, the show MUST go on." 
~Cozmo Brown, Singin' In The Rain

The rain came, the snow came, the sleet came, and the ice came. Tis still here. BUT! Despite all that, the show went on.  Here are some of my favorite Iphone shots of Christmas Celebration 2013. 

My mini-me, Emeri. I've known her since she was two. She's nine now, a spitfire, and sassy as ever. 



    My dear friend Keri, mini-me's momma. I've been told I look like them. I'll take it! 

Soprano friends, singing those high notes. 

Two of my inner circle! 

 Another little friend named Skyler :)

It is always such a joy to do these shows surrounded by dear friends. Amidst weather set backs, and minor details, the Christmas show was a success.  Eva & Alyssa maneuvered successfully through lightning quick costume changes. Kyle sang through the flu and Greg played bass through sickness. Meatha chose the wise man's gold lame robe as my future wedding dress train (don't ask). The goats got scared on stage, bless their hearts, and left several gifts for the choir members to step in. After two years I've become a dress zipping, tie straightening, robe tucking efficiendo. No one fell off the stage, but Janice sprained her ankle. The fog machine was feeling spewy, and doused Gabriel the angel in a huge cloud, and the fumes got to all of us, bringing out some silliness. The choir and cast had fun. 

Our music minister, sound guy, and producer worked beyond overtime, on the worst days of the Icepocalypse, to ensure the show's survival. Our maintenance men spent hours demonstrating what servant-hood looks like.  

But most importantly, Jesus was glorified. 
Never doubt what Jesus can do through you if you'll let him. 
In Him, Bethany

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