Monday, December 9, 2013

Sharing My Library- Volume 5

H friends. 

It's Day Four here in the Icepocalypse. It struck Thursday and has kept North Texas shut down since then. School has been cancelled, church has been cancelled, stores are ransacked, and everything is closed. It is solid ice out there people. No snow, just ice. Dangerous, hazardous ice. We've been holed up since Thursday, and from the looks of the social media world, all of us Texans are going stir crazy. We were built to endure heat and sun, not ice and cold. Pray for the sweet weathermen, news reporters, policemen, firemen, electric people, and heating people who are getting out in this, leaving their families to help others. What sacrifice. 

I've had lots of Jesus music playing this weekend, especially since church got cancelled. I just love anything Bethel Music does, but my current favorite is Chasing You by Bethel Music, with Jenn Johnson. 

I'm on the hunt for a good Christmas sweater, since ugly Christmas sweaters are currently all the rage. Everyone and their grandmother is theming their Christmas parties to include ugly Christmas sweaters. So I'm multi-tasking right now, with this blog post open and different tabs on Christmas sweaters. 

Would you believe I haven't watched too many movies this weekend, even being stuck inside? I think if I still lived with my parents, I would have, but for some reason I've tried to not be glued to the tv, my laptop, or my phone. Mostly had the news and the weather going. And maybe an episode or two of Arrow... ;)

And in honor of Pearl Harbor's remembrance date, I pulled out Pearl Harbor the movie- even though it's not my favorite storyline (I mean, what kind of jerk sleeps with his best friend's girl?? I digress). It depicts the attack pretty well.  

Have I told yall how much I love the nineteen-forties? I used to beg Jesus to rewind the clock and make me born in 1923 instead of 1993, so I could be coming of age during WWII, with an overseas sweetheart. Yeah, I know, I was a weird child.

I'm out of new books, people. This is the one time of year I regret my decision to never get a nook or kindle apparatus. But fear not, the trusty bookshelf holds my favorites, so old Dee Henderson mysteries and Sarah Sundin WWII novels it is. 

How is everyone else's Icepocalypse going? And if you ain't in Texas, send us pictures of sunshine. 

Xx, Bethany

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