Friday, December 20, 2013

Where There Is Struggle

"Where there is struggle there is always breakthrough; where there is breakthrough, there is always victory." 

 As Christians, every day we face a struggle that must be fought. I have days where I am just weary of being in the battlefield, days that I can't take one more step, or even try to push the enemy further back.

Mine has been the  same struggle for a while now, meaning the battle has raged around me without ceasing. Satan knows my weak points. He knows where to hit me and how to hurt me. God has heard me cry, "End this please!" and "Get me out of here" more times I care to admit. 

But the thing about being in battle- it does not last forever. Nope. Sure don't. Ask any current soldier or war veteran. They will tell you that there were long days of fighting and longer nights, but eventually the battle comes to an end. Why does it end? Because one side had a breakthrough- the victorious side. 

In the battle between Heaven and hell, who won? Heaven won. 

Yeah- that's right- PAST TENSE. Won. Heaven WON. God won. His side is the victorious side! Today and always. Knowing that is like reading the last chapter of the book when you're still on chapter 3- you just have to know how it ends. We know the ending. Doesn't it make you want to dance for joy?

Now, because we know the ending we don't have to be concerned with defeating Satan- because we WILL. We need to be concerned with HOW we fight. 

Are you arming yourself with God's truths? 

Are you claiming His promises?
Are you running to Him when it is too much to take?
Are you surrounding yourself with encouraging believers?
Are you going to be able to say, "I fought; I fought hard & well because I chose God"? 

I sure hope you chose that today and everyday- to fight with Him on your side. 

See you out there. 


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