Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Year I'm Twenty

Hello lovely readers, 

I mentioned recently that after I made my List Of Nineteen, I made a list for The Year I'm Twenty. So far, I have thirteen items written down. 

I like giving myself goals. I like challenging myself, to an extent. We all know that my best will make me be more adventurous in life than I desire, but its always for my own good! Or so she says.. ;) BUT, this girl ain't bungee jumping, like SOME people. 

I have some fun goals on the list that I'll share with you as I do them, and maybe you'll be inspired to join in! 

The first one I'm conquering is #7- Send 20 cards/letters a month. I like words, and encouraging others with them is a gift of mine, so I want to put it to better use. I try to send a few cards a month anyways, so with this one I'll just have to be a little more disciplined. 

It's not like I don't have enough cute stationary.... Like yall, I pick up cheap stationary whenever I see it. It's a problem for my wallet. Or I diy it. Two thumbs up. 


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