Friday, November 15, 2013

november continues

Good morning friends! Here's a few more pictures from this month. 
Sidenote- I promise my bumped bangs look fine in person, but they don't look so good in pictures. We'll work on that. 

Janice (Left), myself, and Jordan (Right) at Eli Young Band House Party! We had a good time. We were jammin' to country music; how could you not have a good time?! 

Arrived home, where my best friend had let herself in. Like I said before, she was in town because her previous roomate/our gorgeous friend, Taylor, was singing on praise team for the first time! 

In honor of football season, First Denton had a staff vs. life group leader game & a picnic! Two of my 6th grade girls joined Rachel & I for the picnic. 

Yeah, that beauty on the left is the sweet thing I babysat for five years...and now she's in middle school. Why doesn't time have a tail so we can slow it down?

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