Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nineteen - Irreplaceable

Last week, I turned twenty right? Right. So I decided to write out a list of nineteen things that had made November 6th, 2012- November 5th, 2013 worth remembering. A list of nineteen things from the year I was nineteen.  

Jesus uses lists to blow my mind. 

I'm not going to share my full list on here, but I'd like to show you some recurring themes from the list. 

God Fulfills What He Promises You. He has never gone back on His word. What He says is TRUTH. He will get you where He wants you, where you need to be, when you are willing to trust Him to do so. 

God Answers Prayers. Even when He doesn't answer exactly how you wanted. AND THAT'S FOR YOUR OWN STINKIN' GOOD! 

God Is Faithful, in ALL Things. The big, the little; the mediocre  everyday; the out-of-the-ordinary; He is faithful in EVERY thing. 

A Few Close Friends Are Better Than Hundreds Of Superficial Relationships. 

When God Provides Opportunities - TAKE THEM! Sometimes what is unexpected to you has been in God's plan all along. It ends up being the best thing EVER! For instance, I was asked to co-teach 6th grade girls- out of the blue, but such blessings have come from that. 

After I finished my List of Nineteen, the Lord laid it upon my heart to write a list for The Year I'm Twenty...

until next time, bethany

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