Saturday, March 16, 2013

relationships yo'.

'Sup y'all. Occasionally I speak in gangsta. Ask anybody.
Singleness has been on my heart a lot lately. Maybe because I'm single? Because of my life's circumstances, I tend to be more mature for my age, so I've always had friends who are older than me. Currently I'm in this season of life where the majority of my friends are: 
A) newlyweds
B) pregnant
C) engaged
or D) in a serious relationship.
And I'm just like, "Hey, what's up, I attend weddings alone; no please don't set me up; I don't think he's cute; we're not dating we're just friends; I'm used to being the third wheel- it really doesn't bother me; whoops I accidentally friend-zoned him." Etcetera.
Or I'm on the other end of the spectrum, "Um, excuse me, but I know her and if SHE can get a guy, why can't I? Oh great, another friend is engaged- always the bridesmaid. Yes I know there is a guy for me out there, but he ain't here yet and I'm feeling impatient."
I know there are a few of you reading this, hollerin' "amen girlfran!" to both of those paragraphs. If we're in the same boat, let me share some awesomeness with you.
First, read Beth Alma's 31: Proverbs & Job. Be one, Be with the other.

After that, hit up Alyssa Joy's Hope In Singleness.

Third, read Jeff Cherry's The Purpose of Singleness.

Fourth, check out my sweet friend Erin's When Waiting Is Hard.

and last but certainly not least, read Kymberly Janelle's to all the single women...i dare you.

Now hit up YouTube for Rebecca St James "Wait For Me" and Anthem Lights "Hide Your Love Away".

Were you inspired and encouraged? I hope so.

Love, Beth

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