Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hello friends!
I'd like you to meet the family. I'm still surprised that we all managed to take a good looking picture- every single one of us is looking at the camera AND smiling. It will never happen again, I tell you. We like to ham it up for the camera. 

Monday, February 11th, was my granddaddy's 90th birthday.

The same Monday, he had a tumor removed from his head.

BUT. Prior to surgery, my GrandGrace decided to throw GrandDoc a parrtay. Friends and family from near and far joined together to celebrate GrandDoc' life.

The place was packed I tell you. So many people showed up, including family that we hadn't seen in years and friends from out of town. It was such a blessing to see the multitude of folks that showed up to love on my GrandDoc.

GrandGrace had asked everyone to write GrandDoc a letter, instead of bringing a gift.

Do you know what a blessing it was to sit down and page through those letters? The love just jumped from the pages. Over and over, people commented on his steadfastness, his faith in God, his love for our family, his "everything will be okay" attitude.

Obviously he's impacted people. He's made a difference in lives. He's loved well.

What a legacy. That's the kind of legacy we should all strive to leave- a life full of loving God and loving others.

xo, beth


  1. Sooo glad you found my blog! You are such a genuinly lovely person;) Can't wait to get to know you more!!! (sorry, I wanted to email you a thank-you for your comment, but didn't see an email, so this comment will do!!!) Love Katie

  2. What a precious family who has created and will continue to create such a legacy! The spirit of God is deeply rooted inside this family, and His love just pours out of you guys! Love you :)