Monday, March 4, 2013

the bestest.

The last two weeks have had a of couple hard days, friends. I'm going to be honest with you because I have a point to make.

There were days where I was tempted to climb back into bed and stay there for a while. Days where it was literally all I could do to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Days where I walked around in a daze, withdrawn and quiet (yeah I know, me? quiet?! it happens.)

I was in Houston when my dad called to tell me that the doctor gave my mom a new prognosis. I had been saying it for months, Dad had been saying it for months, and no one in the medical field would confirm it- so for the doctor to finally admit that Dad and I were right, and dared to include a new prognosis, was a shock.

I got my one of my two best friends, Rachel (not my sister; the other one!) on the phone. And she literally held me up as I grieved for my momma. She about broke me when she pointed out two things-

1. Jesus wants us to live in the present and cherish the time we do have.

2. Jesus has been using my family to grow His kingdom through the battle of MS since Day One; He is absolutely going to continue that mission through us with this new prognosis.

Whoa baby. Rock my world why dontcha.

When I returned home on Sunday, I went to church for an evening service, where Rachel met me and hugged me hard, as did another dear friend who didn't even know the whole story, but knew I needed him.

Tuesday brought a panic attack and I was in constant communicaton with Rachel and my second best friend, Brooke. I was a mess all day, and I barely made it to work. But I had two dear friends encouraging me and praying over me the entire day. They took time out of their days to continually check on me and walk me through it and point me to Jesus.

Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself to see how blessed you are. Friends like Brooke and Rachel? BLESSINGS. I have prayed for such friendshps for a long time. I prayed for friends who would take the time and make an effort, even when life is filled with muck. I prayed for friends to hold my hand and hug me and share my heart with. I prayed that I could be that kind of friend for them.

Jesus provided. Not one, not two, but several people. Honest, God loving people, who continually make me laugh and always point me to the Lord. People who drop everything to be there. Friends that bless me so much that my heart is full to bursting.


Do you have people in your life that bless you with their friendship? If so, be grateful for them. Tell them how much they bless you. Love on them a little extra today.

so thanks to my bestests. you know who you are, and you each rock my world.

In His Love, beth

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