Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Burn Away

My flesh is at war with the Spirit right now friends. The Lord gave me such a wonderful peace about a situation, yet my flesh (aka Satan) is determined to make me miserable.

And that's not okay.

For as much peace as I have, I'm struggling to let go. Why do we struggle with that, friends? When we KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Lord is in control. He is greater. Yet, we want to stay in our toddler mindset of "MINE!" and cling to our problems.

Uh uh. Not me, not anymore.

One of my favorite Christian artists, Meredith Andrews, released a new album this year. The song "Burn Away" slapped me across the face today.

"Only You, only You
All I need, let nothing stand in between,

make me Yours, a consuming fire

Only You, only You
All I need, let nothing stand in between,

make me Yours, a consuming fire

Burn away

Everything that breaks Your heart
Everything that is not love
Purify my every thought

Take away
Everything that comes between us
Everything that is untrue
Jesus make me more like You
Burn away

You are love, You are love
Blazing light, holy flame
Fierce and wild, have Your way
Consuming fire

Yes You are love, You are love..."

BURN. Not tear, not rip, not break, but BURN. It is gone. It cannot be reconstructed. It cannot be replaced. Burn away EVERYTHING that breaks the Lord's heart.

There are no ties to sin that are permanent, unless you make them so. Satan has no hold on you, no victory in any situation unless you give him the victory. Don't give him the victory! Burn ANY ties you might have to Satan that are keeping you apart from God.

Take away everything that comes between the Lord and me. What is filling the gap that separates you from the Father? It is not from Him. He will gladly take your garbage out.

"Take away everything that is untrue." Believe no lies, no insecurities, nor anyone whose approval you seek. Jesus wants to fill you with His truth! Have Him rid you of any lies cluttering your life so that He can pour truth into you.

Jesus is love. Blazing love, fierce and wild and all-consuming. Let Him be your light.

So burn those ties with me tonight, friends. Rest in the truth that He loves you. He fights for you. Let's burn away anything that comes between our relationship with the Father. Release to Him all of our problems, for when we do so, we are in better hands- His hands.


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