Tuesday, March 5, 2013

faith like a child

Last week I got to spend an entire day with my favorite toddler, Marley. She is precious. Precocious and full of life. Entertains herself. Great disposition. Loves Minnie Mouse and snuggle time. Refers to me as "Beff-knee" or "Beffy". AND recognizes Target- child after my own heart y'all.
I had just made lunch and was juggling her plate and my phone. I remember sighing as I set her plate down and she asked me what was wrong. Trying to put the situation into toddler terms, I simply said, "MarMar, there's a man who died on the cross for you and He is the only one you ever need to love." Without blinking, she looked me in the eye and said, "I know Beffy, I love my Jesus and my Bible." and returned to her plate.

I was dumbfounded. Here is a two and a half year old, grasping a concept many adults can't grasp. As if it were the most natural thing in the world- right next to breathing, comes loving Jesus. But that is how it should be. Loving Jesus should be our first nature. In her simple declaration, I found myself affected.

You see, as a toddler, Marley's needs (and the majority of her wants) are all met. She is fed, cleaned, played with, read to, sung to, danced with, and snuggled with. She is given love, so she gives love. She is cared for, by the older people in her life who have the ability and capacity to meet her needs. She has faith and trust in them- they have always cared for her, so why should she expect any differently? She has no reason to doubt her parents, grandparents, aunt Kiffidy, or me.

It is the same way with Jesus and us. He has the ability AND the capacity to meet all of our needs- and our wants. He feeds us with his words. He cleans us with his grace. He plays with us, with joy. He reads and sings over us with his love. He dances with us. He snuggles with us, comforting and consoling. Because He gives love, we should give love. He has ALWAYS cared for us. He always WILL.

So where should we put our faith and trust? Where should we put our hope? In Christ. Day after day after day. He is steadfast and does not change. We have no reason to doubt Him.

Father, today and everyday I choose to trust you. I put my faith and hope in you, knowing you are dependable, knowing that you love me.

In His love, Bethany

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