Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mud pies.

I let my kids play in the dirt. 

Yupp, you read that right. At least I did. I'm fixing to move to one of the four year old classes, and I assume they have the same obsession with messiness as every other kid does. 

But back to dirt. I know parents and teachers who don't want their kids playing in the dirt. It's just DIRT. If it was good enough for God to make man out of, then it's good enough to run through, and roll around in, and kick up, and draw in. Dirt builds immunity and spurs on creativity. Dirt beckons pouring and sifting and exploring. Hence, we play with dirt. 

It goes along with a point I made in this post

Life with kids is such a good catharsis for me, because I'm forced to evaluate how I look at situations differently. I can try to stop the dirt spreading, and worry myself into a frenzy, or I can choose to throw up my hands, say "oh well", and join in the fun. 

Here's to dirt spreading. xo, bethany

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