Thursday, May 22, 2014

what i'm learnING from my kids

((because we aren't allowed to take personal pictures of our kids, this photo is via pinterest via here))

Messes are necessary to have a good time.

So rarely does life stay within the lines and boxes we would like for it to. The times we remember the most are when we throw caution to the wind and intentionally go outside the lines, beyond the boxes we confine ourselves to. Let go of control and follow your heart. It’s messy, it’s chaotic, it’s overwhelming- it’s worth it.

Hugs always help. 

Kids hug with abandon- they grab you and hang on for dear life to let you know you are loved and to be reassured that they are loved. Those are the hugs that piece your heart back together.

Sharing is where we find the greatest rewards.

 Sharing is hard because we don’t dare trust anyone else with the things we hold closest to our heart, for fear others might take & break those things. But sharing ourselves leads to closer friendships & relationships. Sharing our time and our possessions leads to blessing others and being blessed by others. When we pour out, we are poured back into.

The most beautiful presents come from the


Presents that come from a place of genuine love and care for the other person are the most affecting presents. They are the ones we cherish most, the ones we frame and keep and talk about in years to come.

Time is just a number, and is not to be rushed.

Hurry up is a phrase that ought to be banished from our vocabulary. Adults are always rushing to be somewhere and concentrating on where to be next; kids prefer to live in the moment, enjoying it to the fullest.

Life, and all it entails, requires mastering the 

art of flexibility.

Accidents happen. Plans get changed. People leave. It’s a constant roller coaster that requires seeing it to the end of the line, and you will when you adjust to the ups and downs and curves and such.

The best days will wear you out, in such 

fulfilling ways.

 xx, bethany

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