Monday, July 7, 2014

Beth's Bet>>>All She Read: A Name Change & Firewall Review

When I first started reviewing books for publishers, I needed a series' title that would tie it all together. My mom came up with "Beth's Bet"- like, Bethany would bet on your life because this book was so good. I liked it and went with it. But it kept bugging me. 

I realized not every book I read was going to be bet-your-life-worthy. I needed a new series title. The inner war was waged. Can I do that? People already know it as Beth's Bet. But you don't like that title. Yeah, true, so what will we change it to?

All She Read. Yep. It hit me like lightning. So from her on out, the book review series that was Beth's Bet is officially All She Read.  I have changed all previous titles and tags to make it easier for you to find the past & future book reviews, too. 

On to the actual book review...

Firewall by Diann Mills. 

First, can we swoon over that book model? Hello. 

Anyways. Beautiful tech geek Taryn Young is abandoned by her husband in the airport on her way to their honeymoon after a bomb goes off in the terminal. She gets pulled out of the wreckage. When she comes to, she's under scrutiny from the FBI. They believe she is behind the bombing. She sets out to find her husband- and she doesn't like what she finds- and to prove herself free. She comes across her murdered best friend, and learns that her best friend's daughter has been kidnapped. So she turns to the one man she can trust: FBI Agent Grayson Hall. You all know where this is going. cue romantic music as they run for their lives.....

It's got bad guys, guns, an angel dog, and a hilariously funny old uncle. It's set in Houston. It kept me intrigued, and I couldn't often tell where it was going, so those were pluses. BUT I couldn't understand half of it. There was way too much tech lingo/computer science hoopla. Because I didn't understand it all, I skipped the parts with it and just skim-read, which is probably why I couldn't always tell what was going on. So that being said, yall should know that there are only two times I skim-read: when a book is SO good that I want to devour it, or when I'm trying to hurry up and get to the end because reading it is annoying me. 

Honestly, I'd probably read it again. Actually, I'd make my dad translate the computer science stuff. People who can relate to the that stuff will love it. But I don't relate to that stuff, so I just liked it. Then again, I'm the girl who has trouble with a Mac. 

xo, bethany

disclosure: I receive books courtesy of various Christian publishing companies, including Bethany House, Tyndall, and Revell, each of which have blogger review programs. All opinions expressed on All She Wrote regarding the books I receive are mine, unless otherwise indicated.

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