Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Madness. {{SML Volume 16}}

Hi friends!!
Welcome back to Sharing My Library :) 

Can I just say that I don't even remember what happened this week? Am I the only one that happens to? Just me? Kay, great. 

My best friend and I met up last week for a manicure date. She was in town for her former roommate's graduation, before heading back to Baylor to get her LMSW!! I couldn't attend her convocation because I had to work, but I am so proud of her.  She'll be back next weekend to help me organize the chaos of my room since I returned to my parent's house. 

Sunday morning was the first time in months that I attended First Denton's college group and contemporary service. It's strange to no longer be teaching middle school, but both  sunday school & big church were much needed times of worship. 

My sister and I finally introduced our parents to Frozen, because of Once Upon A Time's season finale. Personally, I can't take anymore of the Frozen soundtrack because that is all we play at work. The kids ADORE that movie and soundtrack. Who knew two and three year olds could recite movie quotes and song lyrics?! 

It thunder-stormed like crazy two afternoons this week, but my kids did great. We read a lot on those days, just snuggling staying away from the windows. ((It's still tornado season here in texas)) Pre-K and Kindergarten graduation was this week at work, which was very exciting. 

A sweet friend, yet another Rachael, got married over the weekend. She was a gorgeous bride and will make an even more beautiful wife. I will miss seeing her, as she's moving to Houston with her new hubby. ((Hashtag #AllMyFriendsHaveOtherHalves)) Her wedding brought about several reunions and a new friend as well.  

I'm trying to finish my ((current)) stack of child development books and get caught up on lesson plans before the weekend is over. 

Now, to share more of my library. 

I am so utterly impressed with Chicago Fire & Chicago PD. Yallsguys (thats a southern phrase i think) - both shows are such a darn good shows. Well written, well acted, well done.

Lost & Found- Katie Herzig
Young & Beautiful- Lana Del Rey
Sky's Still Blue- Andrew Belle
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)- Sleeping At Last
Wicked Calamity Jane- Bethany Joy Lenz

Psh, this week, they're all child development related. No fun reading until I finish those. 

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