Sunday, May 18, 2014

I gotcha class right here.


You know what is refreshing? Or rather, who is refreshing? Candace Cameron Bure. You may have seen my Instagrams about my admiration ((ahem, girl crush)) for her...

Really though, this is an age where people would rather be remembered for their immorality- such as "leaked" sextapes, maxim spreads, or political scandals- whatever will guarantee them their fifteen minutes of fame. And sadly, those souls are never fulfilled in those actions or with the attention they receive from those actions. 

A former child star, Candace Cameron Bure was probably even more susceptible to falling in with Hollywood's fast crowd, yet she never did. Instead, she found her fulfillment in Jesus. That's not to say she didn't have hard days or tough seasons, because Candace did have hard days- as humans, we are guaranteed hard days. But she stayed firm in her commitment to her relationship with Him through it all. 

Candace is wife to former hockey player turned wine entrepreneur, Val Bure, and she is also momma to three teenagers. She isn't just known for her work as an actress (Full House, Make It Or Break It, multiple Hallmark movies, just to name a few). She is a New York Times Best Selling author- twice- and a sought after speaker across the nation. Candace is currently on season 18 of Dancing With The Stars. I have a feeling her career will blow up even more once DWTS is over. 

Initially, I started following Candace when I first started twitter. I adored Full House, just like the rest of america, but I was so excited to find out that CCB was a Christian. Over the years, I've learned to admire Candace as a sister in Christ. I've kept up with her blogs, and read her books, and followed her Instagram, and considered her one of my role model women. Because Candace isn't just another Christian woman. She is a cheerful, God glorifying, soul. She is an encourager and a truth speaker. She fights for what she believes in. She is real about her life, from her struggles to her joys, and is quick to point to Jesus in all of it. Candace puts together outfits from Target, and shares recipes from her kitchen, and throws dance parties with her friends and family. 

She's remained a favorite in the eyes of America because she is so genuine and so relatable(is that a word?). Although the release of CCB's second book brought about people who tried to bring her down, even they can't fight the fact that there is a certain charm about her, a certain light from within her. Candace does what all Christians should aspire to do: she makes non-believers wonder what she has & desire it for themselves. That something she has is Jesus. 


So here's to one of the few actresses, who keeps Jesus first, her family second, and her work third. If our generation insists upon looking up to celebrities, may they be of the quality that Candace Cameron Bure is. May we all strive to be more like her; may we strive to live for Jesus more. 

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xx, bethany

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