Monday, December 24, 2012

Music & Movie Monday

There was a song in a Christmas production that my church did a few years ago, and I have the same line stuck in my head: "It's a very merry Christmas Eveeeeeeee!" Insert jazz hands.
Sticking with the Christmas theme, here's some music recommendations for this week-

1) Lady Antebellum's Christmas Album- "On This Winter Night" (Buy Here)
This is one of the few Christmas albums that I actually listen to. Best version of "Baby Please Come Home" in my opinion.

2) Peggy Lee- "Christmas Carousel" (Buy Here)
Perfect for ambience; typical Peggy Lee- sultry and sassy and
This isn't Christmas related, but necessary to include.
3) Nick Lokken, everybody. Jesus loving, guitar playing, beautiful voiced new friend of mine. Show him some love. His music is ahhhmazing. Listen here!
 Here's some movie recommedations, for this week too!


Merry Christmas friends!
with love, Bethany

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