Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Labor of Love

"Labor of Love" -Andrew Peterson

So often, we assume that because Mary's baby was Jesus Christ means that she didn't have a difficult delivery. That's not true. She had no doctor, no midwife, no mother, just a young carpenter who had no training in delivering babies. She wasn't in a hospital bed, or even her own bed, or even a bed. Sweet little Mary brought the Savior into the world in a barn, surrounded by animals. She would've been out of breath from pushing, she would've been sweating, she would've been in pain, she would've been moaning. Twas not a silent night until after Jesus' arrival in the world- after Mary pushed him out, after Joseph cleaned him up and swaddled him, after baby Jesus was laid in Mary's arms. The silent night came later, but first came an intense labor of love.

Merry Christmas sweet friends. ~Beth

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