Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year, Happy New Year!

Hello dears!
This holiday break has been nothing but a blessing for me.
I love that my whole family is home.
I love that we fight over the remote.
I love that our Christmas ham is still providing leftovers.
I love that it snowed Christmas day.
I love having my dad make my coffee.
I love that I have a Savior who came to an imperfect world, just so we could spend eternity with Him.
I love that we get to celebrate His birth every year.
I love that I got to spend my Friday morning reconnecting with an old friend after a year of silence.
I love having one of my best friends visit from out of town.
I love hearing my mom talk to the tv show she’s watching.
I love that Starbucks played Pay It Forward this morning.
I love having a content dog who sits on me. (She is NOT a lapdog.)
I love singing at the top of my lungs with my sister.
I love that we leave our tree up til New Years’.
I love Itunes gift cards- materialistic much?!
I love that this has been a week of family time, laughter, and Jesus.
Undoubtedly, I’ll end up pulling a Michelle Tanner and kiss my dog again this year when the ball drops. Happy New Years, friends. Be blessed and be a blessing!
In Christ’s love, Bethany

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