Sunday, June 8, 2014

one {wo}man's trash is another {wo}man's treasure.

You know the phrase, "There's a first time for everything"? Well, this is one of those times. See, I am no fashionista. Psh. I'm such a tshirt and jeans girl that I've had to learn how to be cute. And maybe my cute isn't other people's version of cute, but that is Aokay. 

Teaching preschool means I literally live in what I deem casual professional- usually polos with our logo on them and nice pants/jeans/capris/shorts. Our dress code's unofficial rule ought to be, "anything you can wear around kids but still impress parents in".  You mighta seen this picture (below) in this post

That being said, I spend a lot of my off time in tshirts and shorts. I only have a few outings a month that require dressing up, so I take advantage of those. 

I can't even tell yall the last time I bought a piece of clothing, brand new. I am such a big believer in thrift stores, in clothes swapping with friends, in hand me downs, in trading clothes with my sister. When you build your wardrobe this way, you're giving someone else's tossed-aside-clothes another chance at life. You get to breathe some life into a shirt or necklace or dress someone else might be out of ideas for! That challenges me more than new clothes do. 

I'd like to share some outfits I've put together recently, just to show you that vintage pieces, thrift store finds, hand-me-downs, and swapped/borrowed clothes can be turned into great ensembles. 

My Easter outfit was an Old Navy denim/chambray shirt from my girl Meatha, as well as a skirt from her. My necklace was a bridesmaid piece from a friend's wedding a few years ago, and my shoes were target wedges. 

A few Sundays ago, I threw this H&M  pink lace dress with this denim vest and paired it with last season target gold sandals. It was perfect for Mother's Day. 

A sweet girl friend, Rachael, was married recently, so I grabbed this dress from my sister's closet. These are the same gold sandals as above, with a pocket watch necklace, a vintage double heart ring, and my favorite cutout watch from Target. 

I kept meaning to take a picture in a casual outfit, but I haven't gotten a chance. Maybe we'll do that edition next time ;) I hope you enjoyed a peek into my wardrobe! 

xx, bethany

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