Monday, January 27, 2014

Sharing My Library- Volume 8- Name Problems

Yall I've been watching waaaay too much Sofia the First with my little friend when I daydream of Enchancia. For those not regularly tuned into SoF, Enchancia is the magical kingdom she lives in. Oh and then, I wrote my name the way the kids pronounce it- on a check. Hi, I'm Beffney Vaughan. AND THEN, a resturant spelled my name B-E-T-H-N-I-E. 


I'm contemplating a blog makeover, so be praying that I would do the Lord's will in that. I never want this blog to give me fame; rather, I want it to glorify Him and draw people closer to Him. You may have noticed I went ahead and added a page to the drop down tab, so yall can find all the Sharing My Library posts in one place. Sharing My Library is actually going to look a little different from here on out.  Yes, I'll still be sharing my movie/tv recommendation, a music selection, and my current book of choice, but I'm also going to add a blog post I enjoyed and something else- the what I haven't decided yet...

Reading Radiant by Marian Jordan

 read more & purchase here!

Watched 1955's Hit the Deck! w/ Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, & Russ Tamblyn, as well as Vic Damone and Ann Miller. Somehow I'm just now seeing this often overlooked musical, made in the midst of Hollywood's Golden Age. Three sailors get into a brawl when Russ Tamblyn hears from Debbie Reynolds that his sister, Jane Powell, is about to be played by a conniving play director. A runaround with the police ensues, involving Ann Miller and Debbie Reynolds, as the sailors try to hold on to their friendship and their girls. Cute, funny, dancey, and I'm still singing the songs three days later.  

 My DVR has this week's Chicago PD on it. If you're a fan of cop shows or you've heard of Chicago Fire, then this is right up your alley. Suspenseful, intriguing. And hello, it is in CHI.

Listening to Phil Wickham's This Is Amazing Grace & Bethel's You Are Good. Listen to my church's version here

Took away a lot from this blog post >>> my letter to my kids about anxiety

Our bakery owner asked us to come up with fun new flavors and treats. We've been experimenting. I've been ransacking recipe books and pinterest for something unique but not weird. I'm going to compile all the recipes I want to try into a scrapbook/recipe book, and make my friend Abby help. 

This weeks looks light. I'm super grateful for that, after some hectic weeks. Praying for light weeks for you too, sweet readers. Yall be blessed! 

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