Thursday, January 30, 2014

"I got sunshine on a cloudy day"

Remember this post, where I told yall I had made a list of twenty goals to work towards over this year that I'm twenty? The only one I've shared with yall was #7. I was looking at the list the other day and realized I've been excelling at #9... GET OUTSIDE MORE!

But for real guys, even with the Icepocalypse a few weeks ago, I feel like I spend so much time outside lately. There is something I love about the outdoors- fresh air, sunshine, God's creation surrounding me. On the warmer days of Texas wintertime, I open my windows and air the house out, or drive with my sunroof open. I journal on my stairs or eat lunch outside. Occasionally the kids and I walk to the park. I've been hiking more lately- well, hiking as much as you can in Denton- more like jogging on nature trails. 

So here's to continuing my 'get outdoors more' goal. I'm sure yall need sunshine in your lives too, so see if you can't infuse your day with something outdoorsy! 

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