Thursday, May 9, 2013

Laura Osnes

As the girl who grew up watching and reenacting Rodgers & Hammerstein, I get all excited when I find people from my generation who love that stuff too. I have this crush on Laura Osnes Johnson (stage name is just her maiden name, Laura Osnes). 


You might be thinking, "Who?!"

She's a Broadway star. Don't you know me at all by now?!

Laura Osnes. Isn't she gorgeous? Her voice is this classic, gorgeous mixture of Julie Andrews and Doris Day, with a little forties/fifties vibe in it that is all her own. She has played Sandy in Grease, Nellie in South Pacific, Maria in The Sound of Music, Elizabeth Bennett in Pride & Prejudice, and Bonnie in Bonnie & Clyde, to name a few. Currently she's Cinderella, in (what else?) Cinderella. I'm dying to see it.





 She's been nominated for two Tony Awards. She has a live album from Café Carlyle last summer, and another one coming out soon.

 AND Laura and her husband (a photographer named Nathan) love Jesus. How awesome is that?! 
You can find her music (all the Broadway soundtracks, and her album) on Amazon and ITunes, just search for Laura Osnes.
You'll thank me for introducing you to her.

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