Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello, August!

"Never have I asked an August sky, 'Where has last July gone?'" ~OKLAHOMA!

Well, today, I'm asking this Texas sky, where the heck did July go?! It FLEW by! I must've blinked.

July was a month of blessings and friends. Yes, every month has hard times, but there were many good times this month, too!

The GOOD- Every time I even had a nigglet of a doubt in God's plan for me, He showed up. Through my parents, through my friends, through verses and songs. I just love how the Lord never gives up on us. Even when we are at our worst (for me, that includes ugly crying) He is there. That has been a theme in my life. Thanks for the constant reminder, sweet Lord! :)

The GOOD, Continued- I j'adore the sweet friends the Lord has in my life. Serously, yall. From my crazy sister, to my penpal who recently moved to Jordan with her hubby, and one of my bests, who stood outside talking with me for an hour after a 3 hour Girls' Night. Cherish your friends, gang.

Me and Rachel Beth (not my sister; although we are practically sisters!) 

The GOOD, part three- My family met up with two families we grew up with that we don't get to see very often. Rachel and I were worried that the meeting would be awkward...psh. It was a total SUCCESS! 9 hours of epic greatness. We all regress to 5 year olds, yall. Well, the adults don't, but us kids do.

my sister Rachel and Morgan! Childhood BFFs aka My Littles

Rachel, Emily, Andrew @ the Aquarium

Me, Andrew, Emily, Rachel

The BAD- Mama fell this week. A combination of Texas heat, stressful doctor's visit, long drives to Dallas, and the MS made for a fun afternoon. The lovely paramedics came to pick her up, since Rachel and I are nowhere near the size of The Hulk. (I am not saying my Mama is large; I'm saying when she is super sick, she is a complete dead weight.) They are always so sweet to us. The men just get in there and get the job done. Fully suited, in the heat, and they arrive within 5 minutes. Make sure you thank policemen, firemen, and servicemen for what they do! They don't hear thank you's often, and they deserve them the most, in my mind.

The FUNNY- Have I mentioned how funny my family is? Like, HILARIOUS. We could be stand-up comedians, yall.

Funny #1)Rachel anticipated the dispatcher's questions and got ahead of the dispatcher. Poor lady was confused. We've done the 911 thing before; can you tell?

Funny #2)"I'm coming for you BURT!!" -Rachel
"Why'd they have to name my van Big Ugly Rolling Turd?!" -Mom

Funny #3)"Is that the Vietnamese waltz?" My sister, who's clearly been mislead. It's Viennese babe.

Funny #4)"Are you coming?!" I yell
"I'm soothing him!" hollers Rae
"You're seducing him?!" I holler back
When yelling across the farm, don't mistake "I'm soothing him" for "I'm seducing him"... oops.

Speaking of Farms...Rachel's best friend lives on a couple acres and has a couple animals. Rachel volunteered to take care of the animals while her best friend was on vacation. Naturally I wanted to join in on the fun! Blog, meet the animals.

Daisy Duke the Donkey

Mercedes and Buffy- Get it? Mercedes is the black gangsta chicken and Buffy the blonde is named after Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You know it's funny.

Daisy Duke's cousin, Napoleon

Rae and Shadow, the blind pony

That's all she wrote for today. Or all I wrote. Same difference.
Be blessed lovelies.  
XO, Bethany

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