Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Make 'Em Laugh

Just for your pleasure, here are some snippets of our conversations. Try not to laugh too hard. And mind you, some of these are just straight up sarcasm.

"I was gonna hit you with my purse and yell, 'BAD KITTY!' like the old lady on Madagascar, but Beth told me not to." Rachel to Dad

Dad reviewing music- "The whole world shakes..."
Rachel misheard- "The whole world shimmies?! Well that's different."

We're watching a TV show and Dad asks, "What's a Canadian Texan local?" and Rachel answers, "Mom!" who was born in Canada but grew up in Texas.

The dentist- "Rachel, you're in the corner."
So Rae says, "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" Whaddup Dirty Dancing reference.

"Can I be the Shawn to your Gus?" Psych problems.

"Umpaloompas are first generation Snookis!" Another fabulous Rachel quote.

Dad- "My bottom teeth bridge broke because its 20 years old."
Rachel- "Good Gahndi that's older than me!"

"'Take me by the tongue and I'll show you' Who says that? Who does that? Awkward."

"Can you turn Wandering Hills on pause and help me?" says Mama. "It's One. Tree. Hill." emphasizes Dad, referring to my obsession.

Stranger- "Did you forget to paint your big toe?"
Me, very sarcastically, which sadly doesn't come across in writing- "Why  yes, I did. I totally forgot to paint a toe that doesn't even have a nail on it."

"Was it just me, or did she remind you of Bon Qui Qui? I wanted to yell, 'SEKURITEEE!'" -Rae

"Mom, was I made in China?" "Well considering I've never been to China, no."


And last but not least, last night Rachel whipped out some kick-butt dance moves. As she's doing a very jerky version of the sprinkler, she yells, "You can't stop the motion of the OCEAN!!!!!" and Mom jumps, before looking back at her, shaking her head, and telling Rachel, "Rae, stop you'll hurt yourself!"

Hope you laughed. If you didn't, well, you're a sad person.
<3 Bethany

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  1. Oh goodness... I just LOVE you and your family!! :)