Thursday, April 24, 2014

spring cleaning, spring playlist, spring goodness.

The arrival of spring means its time to devote a weekend to spring cleaning. I'm a big believer in spring cleaning- starting the season fresh, clean, and rid of junk is both symbolic and refreshing. Now that being said, I'm also the girl who finds cleaning a chore. Anything to get me through the process is helpful. I've found that playing music as I deep clean makes the time pass by quickly. And who doesn't enjoy dancing with the broom? 

1. Tyrone Wells- "Enough" (on repeat lately)
2. Jason Reeves- "Save My Heart"
3. Bethany Joy Lenz- "Anybody Else"
4. Five For Fighting- ""Chances"
5. One Republic- "If I Lose Myself"
6. The Script- "This Is Love"
7. Tyrone Wells- "Satellite"
8. 3 Doors Down- "Kryptonite"
9. Death & A Cure- "The Spin You've Got Me In"

Spring's arrival means the dreary winter colors diminish and are replaced by vibrant blooming things. It means flowers on my table and flowers for friends. It's warm days and afternoons spent playing outside with my kids. Spring is the perfect time to encourage my little ones to stomp in puddles after rainy days (yes, I'm THAT teacher- we live life to the fullest). It means I have all the windows open and fresh air flowing in. It means I have to bust out my Jergen's tanning lotion because it's shorts weather. 

Spring is such a cleansing refresher, if you take the time to stop and let it's goodness soak through to your soul. 

"Behold- the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, and the time of singing has begun!" ~Song of Solomon 2:11-12 

easter 2014 with my family. 

xo, bethany

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