Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Marvelous Light

Lord, yours is a light that overtakes the darkness... 

OVERTAKES, not softly illuminates. Boldly announces its presence, making known that it is here to stay. 

Light that consumes the darkness. 

Light that swallows the darkness. 
Light that ends the darkness. 

Light that leaves nothing and no one in the shadows. Light that beckons to far reaching places and commands,"COME FORTH!"

Light that shines through our cracked places. Light that can't be missed or ignored or kept small. Light that demands attention, demands acknowledgement, because it is worthy of both. 

Oh Holy Light, that when we see you we would find the strength to face the day; that because of your presence ALL our fears would be washed away. 

HIS light, like the brightest sunlight that burns at the darkest midnight. 

Won't you come fill this place. 


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