Friday, April 26, 2013

from friendship to family

For years, I prayed that the Lord would provide me with a group of friends that were in love with the Lord. A group of friends to do life with. A group of friends that would be a second family to run to.

He has answered all that, and more.

The Greek word PHILEO is defined as, "to treat a friend with affection".
The Greek word STORGE is defined as, "the mutual love of family members".

I am blessed with friends who started out defined as PHILEO, and have become STORGE. Friends who stay up late during crisises. Friends who stand in the back of church and listen to your soap opera-esque life. Friends who call on their breaks to check on me. Friends who do my dishes. Friends who make me laugh until I cry. Friends who call me out on crap. Friends to be silly with and serious with and meaningful with. Friends to pray for and pray with. Friends who seek Jesus, who walk with Jesus, who make Him known. Friends who speak truth and life and blessings and love over me.

Tonight I am reveling in the beauty of God's plan for friendship. I am so grateful for such wonderful friends. I pray that each of you reading this are each blessed by a wonderful friend today.

I pray that each of you you would BE a wonderful friend today- hug, greet someone cheerfully, hit someone up for a coffee date, shoot a quick text to let them know they're on your heart, leave a funny voicemail. There's all sorts of ways to let the people you love know you care about them.

xo, bethy

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