Monday, October 1, 2012

To Sum Up September

The other day I found myself balancing on an antique dining room chair to hang a Phineas and Ferb sign for my sister's birthday. It wasn't my smartest idea. Let's just be grateful tha my parents didn't name me Grace, since I was sorely lacking it in that moment.

It's been above 95 degrees daily lately. Welcome To Texas. We're still waiting on fall temperatures to kick in...still hasn't happened yet.
WWould you believe that I volunteered to take three high school sophomores homecoming dress shopping for six hours last Saturday?  (Don't tell them, but it was actually fun! That's huge, considering this is the girl who doesn't like to shop.)

And then, on the night of the dance, it RAINED. The girls were great sports though.
{Alex is in red annd Rachel is in gold!}
One of my favorite nights was staying up and watching movies with one of my bests, Rachel, also known as Wraptonstall. On a school night. Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel anyone?! Wraptonstall blessed us by spending the night and taking Sissy to school in the morning, so that I could take Mom to the doctor.

Speaking of Wraptonstall, she has THE cutest nephew who turned 6 months old this month. Be prepared for baby cuteness yall.

I got to catch up with sweet Kristen and Brooke! Love these girls and their hearts.
My phone is a spaz. I was trying to catch up with a friend who lives in Oklahoma, and my phone dropped the call. Not once, not twice, but FOUR times. Yeah that was fun. My bad Stef.
There are days that you just need to eat cupcakes, in a park, with your best friend, who lives out of state. That is all.

We cleaned the garage!!! Yay for neat and tidy spaces :)
I arrived home to a guilty looking dog the other day. Turns out she had tipped the kitchen trashcan over...third time in two weeks. Oh Chloe, you drive me crazy.

And I got to babysit Little Man twice this month. Love him. The day he can say "Gig "Em" I'll be happy. 

Look who's walking all by herself! Take that, Multiple Sclerosis! It's very possible that I sing, "Go Mama Go Go GO!" when she walks.

Now that you're tired of homecoming pictures, and I've exploited children without their parents approval, and considering I told you how I about broke my neck, I think I'll sign off.  
Xo, Beth

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