Monday, June 18, 2012

Cookie Cakes & Daddy's 48 Hours of Awesomeness

I just finished making my daddy's birthday cake. Well, actually, he doesn't like regular old cake, so we usually make him cheesecake or chocolate chip cookies. But this year, I had an epiphany. What if we make a COOKIE CAKE?! Voila. So Mama and I made a chocolate chip cookie cake. Can you say yummy?

Needless to say, we'll be stuffing our faces tonight. And Rae's at camp, so there's more for me! ;)

Obviously, yesterday was Father's Day. And today is my daddy's birthday! He gets 48 hours of "Wahoo! Go Steve! I'm Awesome!" time. Most people only get to celebrate for 24 hours, but every couple of years, Daddy gets to celebrate Father's Day AND his birthday. Win-Win.

My least favorite part about birthdays are the cards. I mean, each one says basically the same thing. I just don't like feeling that the card I'm giving someone I love is a card that a thousand other people have given to someone they love. I strive to be different with cards, letters, and thank you notes. Whether you recieve a something in the mail or open the card that goes along with the present, you ought to have a personalized, unique card  that makes you feel special. No one wants to read bland, boring, I've-seen-this-before cards. Spice up the cards, Hallmark!

There you have it. Today consists of cookie cakes, Daddy's Days, and a lecture to Hallmark. You're welcome, America.

With love, BLV

P.S. Forgive my run-on sentences.

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