Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Check It Out

I'm sharing some of my favorite blogs with you today! Feel free to spend all day exploring these lovely places.

My sweet friend Kristen is a favorite friend of mine. This young woman is so wise and beautiful and radiates the joy of the Lord! Get her perspective on life, faith, and her recent adventures in Africa. http://kristeneddleman.blogspot.com/

My close friend Stef has a brother who recently moved to Jordan, with his wife, Katy. I met Katy at Stef's kids' birthday party. She is a sweetheart. And I say that having only met her once! Katy recently started a blog to update the world on their adventures in Jordan. http://joysofjordan.wordpress.com/

You've heard of Matt Chandler, right? This is his wife, Lauren. Although she doesn't update as often as I wish she would, she has some wonderful insights. Her faith in the Lord is awe-inspiring. http://www.themchandlers.blogspot.com/

I found Meg's blog through a mutual blog we like. She lives in Alabama, loves Jesus, and likes Kari Jobe. http://southernloveblog.blogspot.com/

And lastly, if you like pretty pictures, you'll enjoy Jamie Beck's blog, From Me To You. A native Texan. Talented. Makes me wish I was a photographer. http://fromme-toyou.tumblr.com/

There you are! Have a happy day!



  1. Love this! Checking out your favorites right now!

  2. Love it when people do these kinds of posts! Thanks for sharing them!