Friday, June 21, 2013

ebbin and flowin.

Totally wrote this two weeks got saved instead of posted. Le whoops.


It's been rough lately friends. Life is a constant ebb and flow. Money woes, job searching, school researching, family drama, grief at a loved one's passing, a flare up with my love/hate relationship of panic attacks...its just a lot friends! We live in a crazy world and I know each of you are also going through things right now.

I've basically lived in crisis mode my entire teenage and (so far) adult years, so I quickly learned what helps me and what hinders me as I walk through life. I resort to my comforts when I need them.

Here's what's getting me through the days (and nights, since I've turned into an insomniac...)

~Hershey's Bliss White Chocolate Meltaways. Need I say more?! DElishOUS.

~Jazzercise. Not even kidding. My friend Katy got me hooked. Such a good, fun workout. And a bonus? It keeps away the panic attacks!! Jackpot. (a word Katy got me saying...)

~Munchkins. Whoever said kids had the power to heal knew what they were talking about.

~Dear friends who provide never ending love and support.

~Getting out in the sunshine! (Casper here needs a tan, pronto. And sunshine isn't just good for your color; vitamin D does all sorts of crazy good for your health AND mood!)

~Jesus' promises. (more on that later...)

And it's totally possible that as I type this, I'm watching The Brady Bunch reruns.

xo, bethy

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