Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Beauty of a Chauffuer

First, I totally thought that the only person to read this would be my Dad. (and he did :) But all you other fabulous people did too! Thanks!

You know how they say that once you can drive, you become your parents' errand girl? It's true. And somehow I became my sister's chauffuer we're about to go to Ulta because she needs concealer. She has to have a chaperone in there, or our sweet Daddy would be in debt!

What's funny is that I totally don't mind running errands and chauffuering Rachel around. I like being out and about. I like listening to music, talking with the Lord, and enjoying the beauty around me. Living in a small town, you have to drive 15 minutes to get anywhere anyway. So there's a lot of landscape between point A and point B.

It always amazes me to see how creative the Lord is. He comes up with color combinations that blow my mind. I love the way the wind dances through the trees. Sunroofs were a genius invention. My favorite thing to do is open my sunroof, turn my music down, and reconnect with God. I get so busy and think I need to go-go-go all the time that I forget to enjoy the simple things in life.

So that's my challenge for you today, friends. Enjoy the errand running and the chauffuering. Look, really look, at what surrounds you. Thank God for the day, for the oppertunity to just drive. Find a theme song to jam to at least once every time you're in the car. I'd tell you our sister theme song, but you might steal it!

Love, BLV

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